Friday, October 28, 2011

A summary of my day

I baked cookies today! Yay! Ok, fine, all I contributed to the baking was cracking an egg, and Kaya did the rest. But I still helped, and my mom loved it! So that’s an accomplishment. Well, for me it is. Kaya got fed up with my baking skills she told me to help by holding the mixer. Whatever, I still cracked an egg, which counts as baking for me. My dad refuse to even try it when I told him that I helped made it, now that’s offensive.

Backtracking to the beginning of the day.....Sean learned a new word. “Shut up.” Whenever anyone says anything to him, he’s like, “shut up.” I’m not sure which is worse, him having to think 10 seconds about his response then replies, “what?” or him saying shut up to everything. When Ashley responds to Sean’s “shut up!” by saying, “why don’t you?” He stayed quiet, staring at her as if trying to comprehend, then 10 seconds later, “Huh?” I think one of these days; everyone is going to give up talking to him.

What’s next? Oh, apparently I’m not the only person who thinks Joey’s lame. Pete’s all like, “Do you just eat sandwiches and drink juices boxes all your life?” Joey remained quiet, as always. He can’t think of a good comeback, and he can’t really deny that because when I think about it, it is what he does his whole life. All I’ve seen him do is drink juice boxes and eat sandwiches every waking moment of the day. It’s all he ever does; it’s his life.

We are watching a movie in science called GATTACA. It’s a decent movie but the quality is so bad I can’t see a single thing that’s going on. The screen is way too faded, so have the time; I get confused on what’s happening in the movie when I can actually see something. We had to do notes on the movie and answer questions and I had no choice but to copy Jubal’s. I think the whole class copied off of him. Well, me and some other person copied his work, and then someone else copies ours and so on. It’s chain reaction. In the end, when we hand in the, the whole class is going to hand in the exact same thing.
Hey, at least I’m smart enough to change a few words and flip sentences around, unlike some dumbass with their graphs.
Jubal’s writing is ineligible. I took an hour trying to decipher five answers to the questions, and I got such a headache after that I’m beginning to think that it’s just easier to watch the movie at home and do the work by myself.
Or I could just hand in all my answers in French and the teacher ask about that. I’ll just say that I want to go over and beyond so I translated all my work to French when in truth, I couldn’t find anyone to copy from in the English class and I had to copy from someone in the French class.

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