Monday, November 14, 2011


That awkward moment when.... Dena’s aunt is driving me home, I give her my address, and Dena tells me in a very depressed voice that it’s the way to Tyler, her ex’s house.....then she says “Awks..” even though no one find it awkward.
That awkward moment go to the mall on Saturday night, and half the school happened to be there. And you feel obligated to hang out with these people, so you all hang out at the Apple store.
That awkward moment when find out that this guy in class have been telling everyone that you text him 24/7.
That awkward moment when.... your mom walks in on you singing along to a Justin Bieber song. (It was on the radio, I couldn’t resist.)
That awkward moment when ....I’ve been making fun of Joey’s height all my life, and one day I found out he’s just as tall as me.
That awkward moment when...... I lost my nail polish and I still have one more nail to paint. (Don’t worry Hannah, I didn’t lose yours.)
That awkward moment when..... I find out that Jace was bragging about not having a conversation with me in class.
That awkward moment when are doing stupid imitations of the Transit Peace Officer and he happens to be right behind you.
That awkward moment when ....I forgot to do my science homework and I have to beg Adrian to let me copy his.
That awkward moment when....Dena tells you that her boyfriend dumped her over text and she’s dead inside. Am I suppose to reply to that?
That awkward moment when ....Sierra shows you all her self photos and asks you if she can be a model.
That awkward moment are talking to the wall to show your anger and frustration towards your parents for not listening to you, and they totally ignore your effort and start a conversation amongst themselves.
That awkward moment when..... you are dissing your mom’s cooking, you eat it and it actually turns out to be pretty good, but you can’t take another bite after you just made a huge show of dissing it.
That awkward moment when.....Jose tells me my hair looks like a mushroom after Kaya swore to me that it doesn’t! Thanks a lot, Kaya!
That awkward moment tell Dena that she and Adrian would make a good couple and she says, “No! We would not!” She then blushes, and giggles, and say, “Besides, I couldn’t possibly date him after I dated his friend!”
That awkward moment have no idea what someone is talking about, and you nod and agree, and they look at you like you’re going insane.
That awkward moment when....the boy you sort of have a crush on tells you that you didn’t exist in his life.
That awkward moment’re posting all your awkward moments on the internet for everyone to see.
That awkward moment realize that half the things on the list aren’t even awkward.


  1. "this is my stop"
    "but i have to get off now"

  2. Hahaha that made my day, the frickin peace guy was such a retard!