Saturday, November 26, 2011

A normal day in the English class

Friday was pretty much a normal day in the English class. Sean declared his hate for Ashley, for the hundredth time (I don’t know what happened between these two). I asked him if he was serious since I never know if he’s being serious or not, and after staring at me for twenty seconds, he told me in a grave voice he’s always serious and that I was his best friend. Ok, then.

Sierra came up to me and told me I looked really pretty, and I, having known her for a year, knew what she wanted before she even walked up to me. So being the good, loving person that I am, I told her she looked really pretty too and that I loved her jeans. She said “haha” and walked away. Not many people can interpret what that means, but having known her for so long, I know that she knows I’m just saying it and I don’t mean it but at the same time she’s really happy and believes what I said deep down because she is a narcissist like Joey.

Adrian still doesn’t exist in my life.....

We are working on the yearbook project in class and I was tired of drawing the cover, so I asked Remington, who was in my group, if he was interested in doing it. He was very interested and he told me he was a pretty good artist, if he do say so he himself. (That’s how he talks, like some character in a classic novel) After hearing that, I gave him my have drawn Pegasus (a flying horse in Greek mythology) and told him to finish it. As soon as he draws one leg, I realized I should have that I can’t trust his own opinion of his artistic abilities. He draws each line way too dark, making it impossible to erase if something goes wrong. Joshua came by and told him it was terrible, and to do something else before he ruins my Pegasus. Remington was, needless to say, greatly offended, so I told him he was great and ripped off a piece of paper from my sketchbook and asked him to start his own picture. He drew the front cover, a picture of a goddess holding a falcon, and the back cover, Pegasus. I asked Kaya which picture was better (I had to use at least one picture from him so his feelings wouldn’t be hurt, again.) Kaya thought the goddess was suppose to be an ad for obesity and she had no idea what Pegasus was until I told her. She thought Pegasus was had a hand coming out of his head (it was his wings, jeez!) Joey was worse; he was looking at the flying horse with his best WTF expression, and was like, “which way should I be holding this?” I held it up the right way and told him it was a picture of Pegasus, but he was still like, “what? How is this anything like a horse?” I had to show him my drawing before he could see the head of the horse and the wings. I think I go with the picture of the goddess. An ad for obesity is better than the whole school asking which way they should be holding the yearbook. I don’t think anyone is going to vote for our cover.
When I was taking it home, I had to hold it in my hands because my backpack was overloaded. Each time I set it down to get something from my backpack, it would get blown away by the wind and Kaya and I would have to run after it. We make so much effort to protect Remington’s incomprehensible  drawings.

Kaya and I were bored while waiting for the bus so we made up a list of people we thought that would be cute together. First, Dena and Charlie, the Gaymo. With Charlie being the gay, and Dena, of course, being the emo. Then we have Sierra and Joey, the Crewimpy. Sierra would be the creep with her creepy, enthusiastic smile that never fades, and Joey is obviously the wimp. There are only two words to describe him; wimpy and lame. The only two adjectives that fits him. Chelsea and Joey would also be a good couple. Chelsea had been one of his fan girls since, forever. One day, she got to sit next to Joey during an assembly and she was blushing the entire time. For the rest of the day, she was overjoyed and floating up on a little cloud. Isn’t that the cutest thing? They would be the Bawimpy, since Chelsea talks like a baby and Joey is wimpy. Lastly, Sandra and Joey. I don’t even where we came up with that idea, but basically, Sandra is really obese and Joey is extremely tiny (like anyone can beat him up in thirty seconds tiny). They don’t even talk to each other as far as I know, but if they ever get together, they would make the perfect Fawimpy. With Joey being the wimp. (I never get tired of saying this.)

When I went home and asked my dad if he liked Remington’s goddess or Pegasus better, he held up Pegasus and turned the paper and asked me, “Which way should I be holding this?” I told him it was a flying horse, and he gave me the same WTF expression as Joey and asked me where the horse’s head is. His opinion doesn’t count since he told me my Pegasus looked like a flying moose. At least Joey liked my “pony”.

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