Thursday, November 3, 2011

The perfect couple

Here’s to the couple of the year. Ok, the future couple....if they ever get together, that is. Everyone, I present you.....Sierra and Joey!
They are perfect for each other, just perfect. Sierra would creep Joey out with her smiley-ness, which is great since Joey creeps me out with his smiley-ness. When they go on a date, all they’ll do is smile at each other the whole time since Joey can’t have a proper conversation with anyone and Sierra can’t exactly talk to herself. I can just imagine them at the food court in the mall, smiling across the table from each other.
Sierra will have to pay for everything because Joey is too cheap to buy anything, or else they’ll just sit there without eating the whole time. Awks.....
Joey is basically a block of ego. He’s made up of 2% athletic-ness, 3% hockey obsession, 4% shoe obsession, and the rest is all ego. Sierra is just made up of....Sierra.
At the end of school, when Sierra yells after Joey in her squeaky voice, “Bye Joey! I’ll text you!” He’ll just walk away without saying anything then do his wave. You know the wave all the hot shot guys do in TV shows, that’s what Joey does. It looks so...wrong! He’s way too lame for that wave. But Sierra will melt and sigh happily and smile even more.
As for Joey, no one occupies his mind other than himself. He will smile too and obsesses over how cute he looks. So much smiling from the both of them, it’s great.

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