Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stalker, the Ultimate Anecdote

Here's my anecdote Kaya, so you can tell me if you approve of it or not before I hand it in. Don't be offended, ok? According to Ari, everyone rather be a stalker than the person being stalked, so why don't you go stalk someone first? Which is exactly what you're doing Kaya, you're taking initiative.

Stalker, the Ultimate Anecdote (Or should I name it Stalker Stalking in Daylight?)

Adrian used to be in the same class as me when I was in grade 7, and sometimes Kaya and I would see him on the bus. Adrian has no idea who Kaya is, and Kaya doesn’t know him either, but when I told Kaya I knew Adrian, she suddenly got this idea that they are going to be best friends. One day, Kaya went up to Adrian when we were on the bus together and started talking to him. Personally, I think Adrian was a bit creeped out by that, and that is probably the reason why we never saw him again. He takes the later bus every morning just to avoid bumping into us. I wonder if Adrian spread the story about some crazy stranger named Kaya who attempted to talk to him on the bus around school because a peculiar thing happened today.
      I saw Mark, another person from my old school who Kaya doesn’t know, walking by when I was on the bus and I pointed it out to her. She suggested that we get off the bus (when there’s still fifteen blocks until we get to our houses) and walk back to Mark to say hi. I don’t know how I her talk me into this, but soon we were getting off the bus and walking towards the direction where I’d seen Mark.
      We were about ten feet away from Mark when he came into view, and I was pretty sure he saw us too. Here’s the strange thing: he sprinted back the way he came from as soon as he saw us -­­­­-- the opposite direction to his house.
      Kaya started chasing after him while beckoning for me hurry. I shook my head and let her run ahead. I am not running after him, that just takes too much effort.
      Mark ducked into an alley, and Kaya hurried after him, trying to catch up. I picked up my pace; not wanting to miss what was going on. Mark ran furiously down the alley, with Kaya chasing a block behind him. He looked back at Kaya and ran harder. She finally gave up after a few more steps and started walking back towards me. Mark relaxed when he saw Kaya going the other way and started walking normally again.
      I watched him go, amused. What was that? I would expect that reaction from Adrian, but not Mark, who has never seen Kaya in his life. I think Adrian did spread the story, and Kaya not only consternated Adrian, but everyone else from my old school as well. She’s probably destroyed any future relationship she’s going to have with all those people. I wonder what will happen next year when Kaya and everyone from my old school all attend the same high school together.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A summary of my day

I baked cookies today! Yay! Ok, fine, all I contributed to the baking was cracking an egg, and Kaya did the rest. But I still helped, and my mom loved it! So that’s an accomplishment. Well, for me it is. Kaya got fed up with my baking skills she told me to help by holding the mixer. Whatever, I still cracked an egg, which counts as baking for me. My dad refuse to even try it when I told him that I helped made it, now that’s offensive.

Backtracking to the beginning of the day.....Sean learned a new word. “Shut up.” Whenever anyone says anything to him, he’s like, “shut up.” I’m not sure which is worse, him having to think 10 seconds about his response then replies, “what?” or him saying shut up to everything. When Ashley responds to Sean’s “shut up!” by saying, “why don’t you?” He stayed quiet, staring at her as if trying to comprehend, then 10 seconds later, “Huh?” I think one of these days; everyone is going to give up talking to him.

What’s next? Oh, apparently I’m not the only person who thinks Joey’s lame. Pete’s all like, “Do you just eat sandwiches and drink juices boxes all your life?” Joey remained quiet, as always. He can’t think of a good comeback, and he can’t really deny that because when I think about it, it is what he does his whole life. All I’ve seen him do is drink juice boxes and eat sandwiches every waking moment of the day. It’s all he ever does; it’s his life.

We are watching a movie in science called GATTACA. It’s a decent movie but the quality is so bad I can’t see a single thing that’s going on. The screen is way too faded, so have the time; I get confused on what’s happening in the movie when I can actually see something. We had to do notes on the movie and answer questions and I had no choice but to copy Jubal’s. I think the whole class copied off of him. Well, me and some other person copied his work, and then someone else copies ours and so on. It’s chain reaction. In the end, when we hand in the, the whole class is going to hand in the exact same thing.
Hey, at least I’m smart enough to change a few words and flip sentences around, unlike some dumbass with their graphs.
Jubal’s writing is ineligible. I took an hour trying to decipher five answers to the questions, and I got such a headache after that I’m beginning to think that it’s just easier to watch the movie at home and do the work by myself.
Or I could just hand in all my answers in French and the teacher ask about that. I’ll just say that I want to go over and beyond so I translated all my work to French when in truth, I couldn’t find anyone to copy from in the English class and I had to copy from someone in the French class.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Heart Failure

I almost had a heart attack this morning when I walked into class. After two days of being sick with stomach flu and a fever, a heart attack is just what I need. Here’s what Lauren and Dena said to me when I walked into math class: “I traded all of our stocks.”
I had a heart failure right at that moment. They did what!?
Me (completely calm): You traded it and bought new ones?
Them: No, we switched it.
Me (hyperventilating, but sounding totally chill): You can’t switch it. You can only trade it and buy new ones.
Them: Oh. What? But we wanted to buy Cosco’s! All of your stocks were like, going down by 6 dollars!
Me (calms a little; in a patient tone): That’s impossible. I checked yesterday, it went up by 6 dollars.
I regret working with them. Every single day. Here’s how I ended up working with these two.
Lauren asked me to be her partner every single day until I caved. I guess I could have said I wanted to work on my own, but I felt kind of bad rejecting her, and since she’s an over achiever, we could share the workload. I forgot about the part where she a dumbass over achiever. Everything she touches is ruined. And no, I’m not being harsh. This project is very important to me.
Dena just came up the second day and told us she was in our group. Lauren didn’t say anything, and as for me.....what are you suppose to say to that? Screw off? Trust me, I would love to. But I’m suppose to be nice, and we’re suppose to be friends.
If I refused her, she’s just going to have a breakdown and say something like, “you’re already in a group with Lauren so why can’t I be in your group when the maximum is three people? You just don’t want to work with me.” Then she’s going to go around and start another hate club against me. I’m being dead serious here.
Have you ever been in a situation where you just wish that the people in your group would do something? If they could just contribute. Everyone is taking all the credit for your work because no one is doing anything. I’ve wished that a million times.
This time, it’s the exact opposite. I wish they would stop contributing. They are going to screw up the whole project.
Most obvious thing, they can’t tell the difference between the plus and minus sign. I swear to god, they don’t know how to read numbers or signs; therefore, they think Cosco’s stocks are going up a lot when it going down. And they wanted to sell the stock I made most money on! I really, serious wish they would just stop helping and take the credit for my work.
Read the signs! If it’s a negative 2, then it’s going down by two dollars, not up! God, how can anyone not have a heart failure when they’re working with these two people?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The joys of being home, sick

I woke up at 7:00 a.m. this morning, and spend the rest of my morning throwing up in the bathroom. I don’t think I’m going to eat food, or even go near it ever again. Finally, nothing more came out of my mouth than stomach acid, so I forced all of it down by chugging a bottle of water.
My head felt like a block of concrete, or a sack of rice, these ten kilogram ones. Its way too heavy for the rest of my body and it’s probably going to detach from my neck and roll to the floor if I don’t lie down, so I spend the rest of the day in bed. It turns out I have a stomach flu as well as a fever. And guess what? I have a sit-up fitness test tomorrow! Yeah, I’m just loving life right now.
So after throwing up everything in my body into the toilet, I lay in my bed and downed Tylenol pills every four hours. My dad kept coming in to ask me if I wanted any food. As if. I told him no, I feel worse enough as it is. He then told me I was lying in bed like a dead cat all day and not ingesting any nutrients into my body is bad for my intestines, so I need to suck it up and eat something. Thanks for the sympathy dad. Now you can see where I got my insensitivity from.
I spend my time reading romantic comedies in bed---there’s not much else you can do lying down, you can’t exactly hold a TV or a laptop to your face and watch soap operas. I think I might actually like romantic comedies. In fact, I’m so inspired from reading it for an entire day I think I might write one of my own.
The main character could be about Dena.....except her relationships aren’t exactly what you call, a dramatic, heart wrenching romance. In fact, the heroes in her stories aren’t even decent guys. The only decent guy she liked was Joe, and she asked me to find out if he liked her back or not. At that point, Joe was the new kid and she’d only known him for a week. Joe told me he only liked her as a friend, and she told me her heart hurts, and that was the end of it. Yeah, really romantic.
Adrian wouldn’t work either since he haven’t dated anyone in forever, and the only other person I can think of who I can base my best selling novel on is Joey.
Joey had a girlfriend last year, and they were really cute together. They used to walk down the hallways at lunch holding hands. What’s better is that she’s just as short as him! They’re perfect together! Well, they were. Until Joey broke up with her. A tragic turn of events in my novel. But the reason he broke up with her wasn’t because of their families’ deep hatred for each other, or a mysterious, dark hottie had come to fight for Melissa’s hand, Joey broke up with her because....wait for it....he didn’t want to waste money texting her everyday. I’m not even joking, Joey said that himself. Joey was too cheap to get unlimited texting, so he rarely texts anyone. But Melissa texts him a lot, and Joey couldn’t not reply, being her boyfriend and all, so he broke up with her because he didn’t want to waste anymore money.
Now that is just sad. I don’t think my romantic novel is going to work out after all.
I’m really craving beef jerky right now, even though I’ve said I’m never going to eat food again. But I really want beef jerky. And my dad is nowhere to be found, so I guess I’ll just have to run 1.6 kilometers to Wal-Mart. It’s better than waiting for the bus.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shoes- The official Post/article

Ugh! I don’t know what happened, but I feel like such utter crap today I had to call my dad to come pick me up from school. When I got home, I cannot stop throwing up. Yeah, I know, gross. I can still taste the bile in my mouth. Ugh!
I was feeling kind of drowsy too, my head hurts so freaking much (maybe it’s the after affects of being in the English class, maybe I’m starting to keep migraines like Joe). My mom offered to take me to a clinic, but I said no, since its cold outside and I much rather waste time at home where it’s warm than waste time at the clinic or hospital (they make you wait three hours, literally, before they send a doctor to see you.) I told my mom I wanted to be a pirate for Halloween, and she gave me this weird look and some Advil and told me to go to sleep. I think she thinks I’m mental. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
The Advil helped a little. I still feel like throwing up though. I got tired of lying in bed so I decided to watch Modern Family and write in my blog.
My mom came in and asked me how I spend $85 in less than two months. I told her that was perfectly normal, and I told her about Adrian.
One day I was sitting in class and I saw Adrian ripping his shoes apart.
Me: What the hell are you doing?
Adrian: I’m ripping my shoes apart so my mom will buy me new ones.
Me: Huh. Why don’t you just buy new shoes yourself?
Adrian: Because I don’t have any money. I only get $15 a week.
Me (sincerely): Wow, that sucks!
Adrian: Yeah, I know. My parents will only get me new shoes if this pair is completely un-wearable.
My mom fell down laughing after I told her. She still is. I completely fail to see the humor in this. But afterwards I did the calculation. If he gets $15 a week that’s $60 a month. So me spending $85 in one and a half months is totally normal. And, I won’t rip my shoes apart like some other retard and ask her to buy me new ones.
Huh. At least I won the argument. Or she’s just laughing too hard to argue with me.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

List of things/people that pisses me off

Let’s say we dig a deep, black hole, and we push all these things/people in. These are the people I’d dig a hole for:

1.   The bus, the bus driver, the whole entire transit system (I swear, I spend half of my life waiting for the bus.)
2.   Random people who acts like they’re your best friend (You know these middle aged people who sits next to you on the bus and just starts randomly talking to you, and all I can do is say, “yeah” and smile. Jeez, I’m starting to sound like Joey now.)
3.   Clingy people (These people who asks you everyday if you want to go to the mall together, or if you want to go to their house. And they get mad if you say you can’t, and they’re all like, “you never hang out with me anymore!” even though you hang out with them just last week. They just have to spend every waking moment with you. They follow you around like they’re your shadow.)
4.   Jealous people (These people are the ones who gets mad when you talk to someone else other than themselves. You can’t have any other friends other than them, and you can’t be better at them on anything.)
5.   Narcissists (We all know one of these people. The ones who take a bunch of photos of themselves and show them to you. The people who thinks they’re the prettiest and most popular girls/guys in the class when they’re not even close. All they talk about is themselves when they’re with you. You can’t get a word in, unless it’s a compliment.)
6.   People who low-ride down to their ankles
7.   People who can’t finish a sentence without “like” or “oh my god” or both
8.   People who walks away in the middles of your conversation or people who starts singing in the middles of your conversation

Wow, I just looked over the list and I’m impressed. Adrian’s not on the list. Not even once. Last year, the list would have been:
1.    Adrian
2.    Adrian
3.    Adrian
4.    Adrian
5.    Adrian
I guess Adrian really have changed this year. Bon travail!

Add to the list in the comments below everyone!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The kid who thinks he's so great

He's not. I am so fed up with being a nice person all day in school so I’m not even going to try to be nice on my blog. So for all the people who think they’re such a hot’re not. No one cares.
This freaking kid thinks he’s so pro at everything when he’s not. Not even close. He’s all like, “oh, I know I’m going to get a hundred percent on the math test.” See that? Overconfidence. Totally unnecessary.
Then three seconds later, he’s like, “wait, do we have to simplify the fractions?”
The teacher’s like: “Always.”
And he’s like, “Nooo! What? It doesn’t even say!”
It does, he just doesn’t read the questions.
Then he’s all like, “Oh well, I’ll probably get like 95%, no wait, like 96.4 or something.” I swear he just made that number up of the top of his head. Watch me laugh when he gets like an 80.
He just thinks he’s so superior. Adrian was still doing his math test after the bell rang, and Joey comes in and watches Adrian write his test.
Adrian’s all like, “how do you do this question? What!?”
He’s all like freaking out and Joey’s like, smiling down at Adrian’s test. He was smirking. I swear to god, at that moment, I could see exactly what he was thinking. It’s like I can read the thoughts from his head. Joey’s thinking, look at that retard, he doesn’t even know how to do that question. It’s so easy; I’m going to get 100% on the test.
And then there’s Adrian, sweating and still on his breakdown, furiously erasing the page.
Adrian: “No! No! No! Screw this, I’m going to get like a 70!”
Hannah and I figured this whole thing out. In Joey’s world, he thinks he’s this superior specie. Like a mix of Einstein, Harry Potter and Wayne Gretzky. He’s this advanced race, and we’re all chickens, unfit to talk to him. He’s this intelligent organism, even more superior than Edward Cullen. We’re just a bunch of chickens, so foolish, unqualified to be in his presence.
In reality, he is the chicken. We are all normal humans and he is this tiny chicken. No wait, he’s not even a chicken, he’s a fried chicken.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Screaming neighbors

I was so tired today I fell asleep doing homework. My mom kept coming in every five minutes to ask me if I wanted dinner, which does not help anything at all. She finally gave up on it after half an hour of asking and I was able to get a little rest.
An hour later, I woke up to the sound of someone screaming. It wasn’t screaming, screaming, it was sounded more like someone screaming while having fun. It was like, “ahhh! Ohhhh! Haha! Ohhh!”(I’ve never been good at onomatopoeias.) It was like laughing screaming. It seemed like she was screaming while jumping up and down or something.
I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep, but it keeps getting louder and louder. Our house is joined at the middle so I can hear her perfectly. What’s even better is that our room is joined, wall to wall. But I guess that doesn’t really matter since I’m pretty sure that my dad can hear it from the living room as well.
After a while, I realized it wasn’t laughing screaming, it was someone having a tantrum. Or she was crying. That was it, she was crying. It was such an odd way to cry, by screaming, “ohhh! Ahhh!” I didn’t figure out what she was doing for at least ten minutes. She literally kept it up for ten minutes, and dragged it on for much longer than that. I only figured out she was crying when she starts to scream for her mommy. She seriously did. From what I know of my neighbors, they have a sixteen year-old daughter and a fourteen year-old one. I don’t even want to know which one was doing the screaming and crying.
She kept it up for so long I didn’t even know it was humanly possible for anyone to do that. Seriously, when I cry, I do it for five minutes then I’m done. What the hell was that? It was like a hyena screaming or something.
I finally got so fed up I woke up and finished my homework. Now I can’t get back to sleep. Great, that’s just great.
You’d think I can escape her crying when I went to have a shower, but no, she went to the bathroom as well, and I can hear her perfectly over the running water. I think her family got fed up as well because I heard some guy’s voice shouting and finally she shut up.
What. The. Hell.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The weird things in life

That definitely includes this music video I’ve just watched. It’s called “Facebook Official”, and it’s by this boy band called Heart 2 Heart. The band name should’ve been a warning, but I just had to watch it anyways and.....
Honestly, I don’t know what to say.
I think Sean should be in the band. Heart 2 Heart, that sounds like something he would say. He’s always like: “love!” (while making a heart with his hand.) And he says in to everybody, especially Diana. Sean draws little hearts on pieces of paper and writes Diana’s name on it, all scrambled up. Don’t ask me what he’s thinking; I’m not going to analyze it.
Someone also came up with getting t-shirts that said “Diana 4 life!” I think that creeped her out a little. Or maybe she was flattered, I can’t really tell. Anyways, back to my point, Sean would be perfect for the band. He can be the one who always makes a little heart with his hand every time they say Heart 2 Heart. (Believe me, they say it a lot.)

There’s also this blonde dude that looks kind of like Joey, just two heads taller. He was really un-cool too, like Joey. They can be best friends, instead of Joey and Chad! All they’ll talk about all day is putting a heart on each other’s Facebook page and being Facebook officials. After they’re done, Joey can talk about shoes.

Huh, I just watched it again and the blonde guy made me think of fried chicken. He looks like fried chicken. Maybe Joey does too.

Here's the link to the music video:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Two of the lamest people in the world

Kaya makes some really good points, for example, how can Joey even exist? He is so lame, one day, he will die of lameness. In my mind, he does not exist without his best friend, Chad. He is just some kid Chad hangs out with. Why would anyone want to hang out with him though, that’s the part I don’t get. It’s like Jace hanging out with Andrew, some things in life will remain a mystery. All Joey does is sit there and smile when you try to talk to him. Even when he laughs, no sound comes out, his mouth is just open. Weird thing is, he’s not completely mute; he does talk sometimes, about shoes and hockey. Two things in the world that nobody cares about. Going back to Kaya’s question: how can he even exist?

Even though Max turned out to be really disappointing, Kaya still haven’t given up on him yet. She’s hoping they will be best friends next year when the go to the same high school. I think Kaya had officially creeped him out though. Okay fine, we both creeped him out since I was the one who introduced him to Kaya. She probably destroyed any future relationship she could have with him. Unless he has short term memory and doesn’t remember her at al next year, then maybe it would work out. I don’t know why she’s obsessing over Max. He’s just as lame as Joey. Okay, maybe not that lame. At least he talks.
But now, whenever I talk about Jace, or anybody, Kaya’s like, “yeah, I know.....Max blah blah blah....”
And I’m like, “yes, I know Max blah blah, but Jace.....” I don’t think she’s listening. It feels like we are having two very different conversations.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The retard class and the math club

Joe is leaving the class! Nooo, he was like the only rational person in the class; the only one who was remotely normal; the only person who I actually don’t mind talking to. He was cool, and that’s saying a lot, if you were in my class. Joe’s being homeschooled. He must really hate the class to go that far. I mean come on, he takes homeschooling over being in the English class. (I’m just kidding; I think he’s being homeschooled because of his migraines.)
Skye is leaving too because she’s moving. That’s pretty ordinary, people move all the time. It’s just that two people, two new kids, are leaving at the same time which makes you think that something is seriously wrong with the class, despite their reasons for leaving. Even Joey, the lamest kid ever, thinks the English class is retarded. So yes, something really is wrong with the English the class. I regret not being in the French program.

I joined the math club. Okay, it sounds even more retarded when I write it down. I really don’t know how it happened. I must be going insane for being in my class for too long. Me in a math club. It’s totally an oxymoron. But somehow my name is on the list, with all the other members.
I have a little confession; I am not good at math. At all. The only reason I get 90s in the subject is because in this school, it’s not a contest of how good you are, it’s a contest of how much you suck, and I guess I’m not winning that contest. I mean come on, I am in grade 9 and we are still learning how to add and subtract fractions. That should be learnt in grade 2. I’m not even exaggerating; they learn that in grade 2 in other countries. Everyone thinks I’m good at the subject for some unknown reason, and I don’t want to correct them, but I know my own strengths, and math is definitely not one of them. So why the heck I’m in math club.....don’t even ask. I think I’ll quit.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Some people disappoint you; some people annoy you, and some people just......creep you out.
I went back to my old school yesterday to visit, and I only saw some people because I was late. I was really disappointed; everybody’s just so lame. I should really listen to Hannah, and lower my expectations. By 100%. I don’t think I’m getting over the disappointment for a while.
It really surprised me how much everyone had changed, especially Jace. He was the one pissed me off the most when I was in the same class as him. We were sworn enemies, everyone knows that. He was always one of the douche bag-good kids (You know, the kind that acts like a jerk-ass but still a total good-ass.) Now, Jace is one of these loser people who are always stoned. He’s still out going I heard, but just not the same anymore. I never imagined he would be like this. It just shows how much people can change, how much things can change.
Speaking of change, the douche bag-good ass Adrian is now......nice. Well, to me anyways. That is just creepy. He never goes out of his way to annoy me, and doesn’t even get offended when I insult him! It’s like he.....respect me or something. It’s just too weird, him being nice to me. It’s like an alien abducted him or something. Or maybe he’d just grown up. Wow, I never thought that would happen.
While I’m still on the process of being disappointed, sorry about Max, Kaya. I don’t know why I thought he was cool. Anyone who looks like a shorter, brown haired version of Sean is destined to be lame. So I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised when he actually turns out to be lame. So disappointing. Everyone is just so lame.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The hair gel theory

So I was wondering, if you gel your hair everyday, and it stays in the same position for too long, would it just stay in that position forever? There’s this kid in my class who gels his hair, and spikes it up to the ceiling. (I think it’s better than all the people who have Bieber hair and flip it every five seconds. What if their neck falls off from all the flipping?) Anyways, back to him. He really likes his hair and freaks out whenever anyone touches it the slightest bit. He has to fix/spike his hair with his hand whenever anyone or anything goes near it. I don’t see the point in that since no matter how much you mess it, it goes back to its original form. I think if he keeps it up, his hair is going to stay that way forever, even when he showers. Haha. He can have Edward Cullen’s magic hair---the hair that stays perfectly spiked even when it’s raining!

Lol, good thing the kid in my class doesn't look like a cue tip.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

People who are mentally....challenged

First person: Jose Zuluwaga (I think I spelled it right.) He’s this little Mexican kid who used to be my BFF by then he got mad at me for some unknown reason (he wouldn’t tell me), so I guess we officially “broke up.” Today, he was telling some girl in my class to tell me that he hates me, well, if he won’t talk to me when I’m right in front of him, then fine, I won’t talk to him either. So I told the girl to tell him I hate him too. And we express our hatred towards each other for five minutes through this girl while I was waiting in line for the teacher to talk to me. Poor girl. Then in Social class, he told everyone who would listen that we were BFFs then I broke his heart and he’s starting a hate club against me. He was like, “I hate you forever, don’t even talk to me. Don’t look at me! Don’t look at the computer either. Just close your eyes.”
Jose’s most inspiring quote he chose for Social class: “Haters gonna hate.”

Second person: Sean. In Social class, we are suppose to research one world problem, for example, cultural, racial or religious prejudice, on this website. The teacher basically created a discussion page on this website for us. This is what Sean shared on the discussion board.
Sean: sup
Remington: well hey there
Remington: how are you?
Sean: im so sexy
Remington: good
Remington: you know the teacher can see this….
Remington: So you may just look like quit an odd person
Remington: have a nice day Sean….
Sean: shut the front door
Remington: hey
He’s mentally challenged. No further explanation needed.
Most inspiring quote for Social class: he's too lazy to find one.

Third person: Justin. He is just an epic fail. He did a graph for a science assignment and e-mailed it to three other people in the class so they can hand it in. Stupid thing is, they all just hand printed it and handed it in. They didn’t even try to change the colors in the bar (come on, how long would that take? Like a second?) or the huge typo in the title of the graph. Now here’s the fail part. Justin’s the one who got zero on it while all the other three people got marks for it. I have no idea why that happened, but no sympathy from me whatsoever.
Most inspiring quote from Social Class: doesn’t have one yet.

Most inspiring quote from Calvin: “A man may die, a nation may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.”
Another one from Jose: “Fighting for world peace is like screwing for virginity.”
One from me: “Live fiercely, die young, and leave a good looking corpse.”

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Being a loner is what life is all about

I quote that from Jack. (No, he’s not emo, just the opposite, actually.) It makes no sense to me, but now that I think about it, I am kind of a loner in my class. I’m floating on my own little island. I mean, I still talk to everyone, usually just whoever’s beside me, but I can’t be classified to be in one of the “groups”.

The groups: Dena, Sierra, and Diana are like their own little group now, which I thought was weird because Dena was all emo last year, but now she’s hanging out with these two girly girls who is.....somewhat popular?
Ashley is in her own little world, all in love with her boyfriend. She used to be Bffs with Diana and Sierra but, I don’t know.
Ella is this new chick who everyone in the school seems to hate for some reason. I guess she’s annoying, sort of over enthusiastic and trying to be popular. But Sierra is also over enthusiastic, so I can’t figure how it works. She hangs out with two other people that are really starting to annoy me.
That’s it for all the girls in my class. And as for the all the guys, they are in their little gang called FTP. (No, it doesn’t mean For the People).

I doubt I’m invited to join. And I don’t think I want to either. They had a gang meeting at McDonald’s after school, and later, this guy from the gang was bragging to everyone about how they all went to McDonald’s. I don’t see how that’s worth bragging about.

Now you see why I’m not in any of the groups. I’m not completely alone yet, I still talk to everyone in my class. I just don’t go to gang meetings at McDonald’s. And I still know normal people in other schools. It’s all good.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cameron, Joey, and the “Kids Help Phone”

First of all, I think Cameron is too cool of a name for Cameron, so I named him Joey. It turns out he likes the name Joey better than his own name, which I totally did not expect.
What happened was, I’ve been calling him Joey for a few days, and one day I was like, “Joey!” I think he misheard me and thought I called him Joe because he was like, “don’t call me Joe. Call me Joey.”
Kaya explained the whole thing to me. There is a guy in my class who is actually cool, but Joey is not. Joey doesn’t want to be called Joe and be confused with the real Joe. Because then, everyone would be like, why are there two Joes? The real Joe who is really awesome, and the fake Joe is just lame....and short. I guess Joey just doesn’t want to be compared with Joe because he knows Joe is too cool for him.

Stupidest service ever: the “Kids Help Phone.” When I called the “Kids Help Phone,” they put me on hold for ten minutes. Ten freaking minutes! If I were on top of a building and was about to jump, I think I would have jumped a long time ago. I’d be long dead by the time they came to the phone.
Finally some counselor picked up the phone, and when I was telling them about my problems, they hung up on me. Freaking wow! What is the point of this service if they just hang up in the middle of your story? It’s just like talking to the wall, AGAIN! Or maybe like talking to Joey. I think I’m better off talking to Joey because he would have the guts to hang up on me while I’m talking.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guide to finding a job

This is for Arianne.
Read CAREFULLY and follow all of these steps. It’s the guide to SUCCESS!

Step one: A good resume is everything! I emphasize, it’s everything! Even if you have no previous experience, it’s important to make your resume looked like you’re experienced anyway. If you need a sample resume, I will e-mail mine to you.
Remember, blow everything up in your resume. List all your achievements, even if it’s a small thing such as being on the cross country team and getting honour roll in school. Stress what a great person you are, because that’s the kind of people they are looking for.

Step two: It’s important to go to a lot of different stores. Print out a bunch of resumes and hand them out at every store. Even if they don’t have a hiring sign, walk in anyways and ask them about job offers. Always ask to see the manager, and hand your resume (sometimes along with an application) to the manager in person, unless they are not there. Look for signs, if the manager actually scans your resume over and asks you what hours you are available, it means they are interested. If they just take your resume without looking at it and tells you to wait for a callback, it probably means they are not looking for anyone at the moment.

Step three: Wait for a callback. Be patient. They will usually call you back within five days, but if they don’t there’s really no point in waiting any longer. Remember which managers seem kind of interested, but can’t decide weather to hire you or not. Go back to these stores, and ask about interviews. It will make you seem more enthusiastic and super interested in the job. They will want someone like that on their team. It will always give the managers more of a lasting impression of you.

Step four: Interviews. Well, at this point, it’s pretty much all up to you. You got the interview, you have an opportunity. Basically, my advice is, try to incorporate the manager into your conversation. When they say “tell me about yourself,” you tell them about yourself, but don’t just blab off, ask them about what they’re interested in too. Say you tell them about how you take tennis lessons on the weekends, after you’re finished, ask what sports they play. Be enthusiastic and out going, because they are especially looking for that kind of person at clothing stores, who will talk to costumers. They are also looking for people who can work well with other team members, so be sociable.

That’s all! Good luck Ari! See you in Australia next year!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quiet people again.....and just people in general

I think for Christmas, I should buy everyone in my class a mirror. They really need to take a good look at themselves before they leave for school. Not saying that everyone looks like a mess, but some people really, seriously need to look at what they’re wearing. Why do some girls wear these tight shirts? Do they like showing off their belly fat? And as for the people who keeps asking me repetitively if they’re pretty, if they’re skinny, and if they be a model, here’s a mirror. Merry Christmas, everybody.
On to quiet people.....I had a really great conversation with Cameron today. He was like, cleaning out his locker or something, and I asked him why he has three pairs of shoes, and he started explaining to me. I was like, oh, uh huh, ok, the whole entire time because I couldn’t hear a single thing he was saying. There was no one in the hallway where we were talking so it’s not the noisy environment drowning out his words. I think Cameron is taking being a quiet person to a whole new level. It’s basically like having a conversation with the wall again. No wait, that’s not a good simile since he’s actually responding to me this time. It’s more like having a conversation with a mime. You know, half the conversation is silent. You talk, then he talks except it’s silent, then you talk again except you have no idea what he just said, so I guess you eventually give up and walk away.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The kid who is obsessed with the teacher

A little background information on the situation...My class is officially known as the retard class. What happened is that all the smart people are in the GATE class (Gifted and Talented....whatever, I don’t know), all the French people are in the French class, that leaves all the stupid people in the English class. Now the GATE program moved to a different school, so it leaves the normal people in the French class, and needless to say, the retards in the English class. Just to give you an idea how retarded the people in out class are.....

Example: We are given a short story to read in English class and after we read it, we are suppose to take notes on it. The short story is only 2 pages, but instead, Sean read the wrong story which is 4 pages, and did the notes on it. Epic fail. Now he has to re-do the whole assignment.
When we were exiting the class, the teacher asked Sean, “Did you read the right one this time?”
Sean: Huh?
The teacher repeated his question.
Sean: No....? What?
The teacher said SLOWLY: Did you read the right story Sean?
Sean: What? Really?

That is only one person. Now imagine 34 Seans combined together. But anyways, stupid stuff like this happens in my class all the time, like the kid who is obsessed with the teacher. This kid, I’m going to call her Lauren, has collected awards from every subjects since grade 6 (yes, our school gives awards for every freaking subject for every freaking term), and the only awards she doesn’t have is English. I was the new kid last year, and I took the English award last year, every single term. You can guess how pissed she was at that. Finally this year, I’m in the same English class as her. Thank god.
Lauren is obsessed. And I mean obsessed, literally. She is obsessed with the subject, the award, and the teacher. Appreciation and interest for a subject is good, but not obsession. She finishes her homework three weeks earlier than when it’s due. A little move from the teacher would put her in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Say like, she would be in a bad mood if she thinks the teacher didn’t smile at her. She’s always analyzing the teacher’s every move, like, “Oh! She said here Lauren when she handed out the worksheet to me.”
All she ever talks about is the English teacher. She’s always in for extra help, even if she has everything down pat. One day she is like, oh, the teacher hates me! I am devastated. And she wouldn’t talk to anyone for the rest of the day. The next day, she’s all like, OMG, the teachers likes me! This is exactly what she is like, no joke. It’s like Bieber fever, only except it’s not Justin Bieber, it’s the English teacher.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ask me how my day was…

I’ve been asked this question tons of times today, thanks for asking everybody...I know no one really wants to hear it, but I’ll answer it anyways. Hmm, I guess the only thing that’s remotely interesting today was when Dena had a breakdown in first period. Come on, it’s first period. Give me a break; it’s too early in the morning. Just my luck when the teacher asked me to check on her since she’s been at the bathroom for about half an hour.

I found Dena, sitting with this other chick...crying? She was sort of crying. She told me she was really depressed and she doesn’t to talk to anybody. That’s when the drama went down. For the whole morning, she was surrounded by nosey girls (you know the type), and she was pouring her heart out to them. Ok, I might be a bit of a hypocrite to call them nosey since I am curious about what’s going on too. But not curious enough to skip out the entire morning to sit with Dena talk about how depressed she is. And big “wow”, the teacher doesn’t even notice that a bunch of girls were gone from the room. Or maybe she’s just too tired to care.
Later, I found out the reason she was depressed was because her “boyfriend” only wanted to date her for sex. (I put a quotation mark around boyfriend because that’s what Dena told me and nothing that comes out of her mouth can be trusted. From what I’d known, they just texted each other, but if she counts that as formal relationship, then ok.) I really doubt Dena’s story, but I don’t really care enough to dig out the truth. Although just this morning, I heard from a different source that Dena’s “boyfriend” is hitting on three different people, so think what you want to think about this situation. Or just don’t care at all like me.

Personal opinion: I don’t think Dena’s Bf wanted to have sex with her. I mean, I wouldn’t. And I wouldn’t have sex with D’s Bf if he was the last person on earth. First of all, he needs a serious attitude change. And second, I don't like his face. Yeah, I know, great reasaon, but you'd know what I mean if you see him. He doesn't have a great body either (that's an understatement.) Add that to the fact that he's obnoxious and think he's such a hot shot, I swear to god I can't think of any good reason why anyone would want to do it with him, but whoever's thinking about it might want to wait it out until he hits puberty, and finishes puberty.
Just my opinion.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Waiting for the bus… Until you want to kill the bus

So I was waiting for the bus today (I’m great at stating the obvious), and it didn’t come for half an hour, no big surprise here. If it was warm and sunny, I wouldn’t mind, but it’s chilly. Yeah, the sun was in the sky, but it has no warmth. I was standing there, in the in the cold, bored out of my mind. I’m sure these of you who take the bus can sympathize with me; we know that feeling when waiting for the bus all too well. Can it get any worse than standing for half an hour in the cold? Yes, it can, when you find out you have to pee. I don’t really want to leave to find a washroom, I’ve already waited this long, what if the bus comes while I’m away.

Across the street, there’s a crowd of people lining up for free hot dogs. They are also holding signs and posters and chanting about Jesus while trying to convert people walking by to Christianity. I got to admit, it is quite amusing watching them parade around chanting and handing out hot dogs to people. I decided to cross the street and line up for a free hot dog, and just know what happens. The stupid bus comes.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Quiet People

One thing I can't figure out is how to talk to quiet people. You say something and they answer in one word, making absolutely no contribution to the conversation. Or sometimes, they don’t say anything at all, and they just sit there. It’s like talking to yourself, or the wall.

Example: Cameron is in my homeroom. He is the type of person who would be qualified as extremely quiet. I don’t know him that well, but from what I’ve seen and heard, he rarely says anything. There are times when we are the only two people in the homeroom who are in the same grade, and I find it awkward to just sit there and ignore him when we both can’t find anyone to talk to. So I make an effort to have a conversation with him, and goes like this.
I ask him a question, and he says, “Uh...” so quietly I don’t know if there’s sound coming out of his mouth, so I keep talking. Five minutes later, after I ran out of things to blab about, he finally answers my first question. I know, I should give him a chance to talk, but I don’t know if he’s going to respond or not, and I’m guessing most likely not. I’m afraid he’s going to walk away without saying anything, and just pretend we’re not talking. Or worse, sit there, because he feels obligated to, and not say anything. Next time he sees me, he will probably go out of his way to avoid having a conversation with me.

Example 2: I’m talking to my parents during dinner and they just sit there and eat without saying anything to me. Finally I get so annoyed I ask if they’d heard me. They assured me they did. So I ask, “Then why aren’t you saying anything?”
“What do you want me to say?” They would ask me.
I find that very frustrating. Why am I coming up with all the dialogues? I am not having a conversation with myself.

The second type of people I’m talking about are the people who take so respond you assume that they’re not going to.

Example: Me: Do you play badminton Sean?
         Sean (20 seconds later): Yeah.

Why would it take so long for anyone to process a simple question? Before I learned to count to ten and wait for him to answer, I would just blab off about something else and not give him a chance to answer at all. Or I would have thought he was ignoring me, and got pissed off and start yelling his name.

So really, when you’re talking to someone who makes no effort in the conversation, you’re better off talking to the wall. At least you don’t have to think up both sides of the dialogue when you’re talking to the wall.
When you’re talking to someone who doesn’t respond right away, count to ten and give them a chance to process what you’re saying.