Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guide to finding a job

This is for Arianne.
Read CAREFULLY and follow all of these steps. It’s the guide to SUCCESS!

Step one: A good resume is everything! I emphasize, it’s everything! Even if you have no previous experience, it’s important to make your resume looked like you’re experienced anyway. If you need a sample resume, I will e-mail mine to you.
Remember, blow everything up in your resume. List all your achievements, even if it’s a small thing such as being on the cross country team and getting honour roll in school. Stress what a great person you are, because that’s the kind of people they are looking for.

Step two: It’s important to go to a lot of different stores. Print out a bunch of resumes and hand them out at every store. Even if they don’t have a hiring sign, walk in anyways and ask them about job offers. Always ask to see the manager, and hand your resume (sometimes along with an application) to the manager in person, unless they are not there. Look for signs, if the manager actually scans your resume over and asks you what hours you are available, it means they are interested. If they just take your resume without looking at it and tells you to wait for a callback, it probably means they are not looking for anyone at the moment.

Step three: Wait for a callback. Be patient. They will usually call you back within five days, but if they don’t there’s really no point in waiting any longer. Remember which managers seem kind of interested, but can’t decide weather to hire you or not. Go back to these stores, and ask about interviews. It will make you seem more enthusiastic and super interested in the job. They will want someone like that on their team. It will always give the managers more of a lasting impression of you.

Step four: Interviews. Well, at this point, it’s pretty much all up to you. You got the interview, you have an opportunity. Basically, my advice is, try to incorporate the manager into your conversation. When they say “tell me about yourself,” you tell them about yourself, but don’t just blab off, ask them about what they’re interested in too. Say you tell them about how you take tennis lessons on the weekends, after you’re finished, ask what sports they play. Be enthusiastic and out going, because they are especially looking for that kind of person at clothing stores, who will talk to costumers. They are also looking for people who can work well with other team members, so be sociable.

That’s all! Good luck Ari! See you in Australia next year!

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