Monday, October 17, 2011

Two of the lamest people in the world

Kaya makes some really good points, for example, how can Joey even exist? He is so lame, one day, he will die of lameness. In my mind, he does not exist without his best friend, Chad. He is just some kid Chad hangs out with. Why would anyone want to hang out with him though, that’s the part I don’t get. It’s like Jace hanging out with Andrew, some things in life will remain a mystery. All Joey does is sit there and smile when you try to talk to him. Even when he laughs, no sound comes out, his mouth is just open. Weird thing is, he’s not completely mute; he does talk sometimes, about shoes and hockey. Two things in the world that nobody cares about. Going back to Kaya’s question: how can he even exist?

Even though Max turned out to be really disappointing, Kaya still haven’t given up on him yet. She’s hoping they will be best friends next year when the go to the same high school. I think Kaya had officially creeped him out though. Okay fine, we both creeped him out since I was the one who introduced him to Kaya. She probably destroyed any future relationship she could have with him. Unless he has short term memory and doesn’t remember her at al next year, then maybe it would work out. I don’t know why she’s obsessing over Max. He’s just as lame as Joey. Okay, maybe not that lame. At least he talks.
But now, whenever I talk about Jace, or anybody, Kaya’s like, “yeah, I know.....Max blah blah blah....”
And I’m like, “yes, I know Max blah blah, but Jace.....” I don’t think she’s listening. It feels like we are having two very different conversations.

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  1. AWWWWWWWWWW..... i hope Kaya can be friends with Max!