Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stalker, the Ultimate Anecdote

Here's my anecdote Kaya, so you can tell me if you approve of it or not before I hand it in. Don't be offended, ok? According to Ari, everyone rather be a stalker than the person being stalked, so why don't you go stalk someone first? Which is exactly what you're doing Kaya, you're taking initiative.

Stalker, the Ultimate Anecdote (Or should I name it Stalker Stalking in Daylight?)

Adrian used to be in the same class as me when I was in grade 7, and sometimes Kaya and I would see him on the bus. Adrian has no idea who Kaya is, and Kaya doesn’t know him either, but when I told Kaya I knew Adrian, she suddenly got this idea that they are going to be best friends. One day, Kaya went up to Adrian when we were on the bus together and started talking to him. Personally, I think Adrian was a bit creeped out by that, and that is probably the reason why we never saw him again. He takes the later bus every morning just to avoid bumping into us. I wonder if Adrian spread the story about some crazy stranger named Kaya who attempted to talk to him on the bus around school because a peculiar thing happened today.
      I saw Mark, another person from my old school who Kaya doesn’t know, walking by when I was on the bus and I pointed it out to her. She suggested that we get off the bus (when there’s still fifteen blocks until we get to our houses) and walk back to Mark to say hi. I don’t know how I her talk me into this, but soon we were getting off the bus and walking towards the direction where I’d seen Mark.
      We were about ten feet away from Mark when he came into view, and I was pretty sure he saw us too. Here’s the strange thing: he sprinted back the way he came from as soon as he saw us -­­­­-- the opposite direction to his house.
      Kaya started chasing after him while beckoning for me hurry. I shook my head and let her run ahead. I am not running after him, that just takes too much effort.
      Mark ducked into an alley, and Kaya hurried after him, trying to catch up. I picked up my pace; not wanting to miss what was going on. Mark ran furiously down the alley, with Kaya chasing a block behind him. He looked back at Kaya and ran harder. She finally gave up after a few more steps and started walking back towards me. Mark relaxed when he saw Kaya going the other way and started walking normally again.
      I watched him go, amused. What was that? I would expect that reaction from Adrian, but not Mark, who has never seen Kaya in his life. I think Adrian did spread the story, and Kaya not only consternated Adrian, but everyone else from my old school as well. She’s probably destroyed any future relationship she’s going to have with all those people. I wonder what will happen next year when Kaya and everyone from my old school all attend the same high school together.