Monday, November 28, 2011

Standing in a a boss

A hurricane hit the city on Sunday, and the force of the wind was so strong that the police closed off the downtown area in the city. That’s as extreme as it’s ever going to get around here. Apparently the wind was blowing 70km/h, and glass of the skyscrapers in downtown shattered because of the sheer force.
Hannah and I were going to downtown for lunch (because my dad said it was a nice day out....), and we saw crime scene tapes all around the downtown area. I guess the police ran out of other tapes. We were confused about what was going on since at that time, the wind wasn’t that strong yet. After we fond out that there was a hurricane, and we were right in the middle of it, we were naturally, a little freaked after hearing the news, and also a little awed. How often do you find yourself standing in the middle of the hurricane?
The gusts of wind came at such ferocity steel poles were getting blown over, but we still managed to stand upright. That was pretty impressive. What’s even more impressive is that our hair was perfectly fine after enduring the force of 70km/h of wind. It’s a miracle. Yeah, that’s how cool we are.
I even wrote a little song summarizing our amazing day.

I woke up in the morning
Like a boss
And called Hannah
Like a boss
We decided to hang out
Like a boss
And go out for lunch
Like a boss
We walk into the street
Like a boss
And wait for the bus
Like a boss
The bus didn’t come, so we walked away
Like a boss
Downtown was closed, and we were confused
Like a boss
We called our parents
Like a boss
And they told us we are standing in a hurricane
Like a boss
We got blown away
Like a boss
Up into the sky, and we were floating on the clouds
Like a boss
Then we came back down
Like a boss
And we went into Pizza Hut
Like a boss
We laughed at the people outside in the street
Like a boss
Then we ate pizza
Like a boss
Our hair was still perfect!
Like a boss
Yeah! I’m the boss!
Well, Hannah and I are the boss

Sunday, November 27, 2011

La classe de Francais

Kaya and I used to think the French teacher was cool, but he turned out to be just.....disappointing. Everyone’s disappointing these days. He did an unthinkable act; he gave Kaya and Joey the same mark on their report cards! How could he! Everyone knows that Joey is the person who was the worse in French that attended the French class. He is, he still is. He needs to borrow my English textbook so he can understand what the textbook is saying. The teachers force him to get extra help in French because he needs it greatly. Honestly, I don’t know why he’s in the French class. Kaya is way better at French than him, ok, even I’m better at French than him, and that’s saying a lot since I’m in English. I don’t know where the mark came from, but there has to be a mistake.
The second unthinkable thing he did: he gave Adrian a higher mark in French than me. Mon dieu! Is he for real? There is no way that Adrian is better at French than me. And he sure as hell doesn’t try harder than me! I cannot believe he likes Adrian more! Thanks to him, I had to see my dad’s stupid smirk when he saw that I only got a mark in the 80’s.
The only thing that makes French class better is Sean. He is so brainless, it makes my day. We had a quiz, and one of the questions was to list five objects in the class. I don’t know where he comes up with his vocabularies, but one thing is for sure, he can’t spell, not even in English. He put, un clocka, obviously, that’s suppose to a clock, and un telefona (see, he can’t spell in English either. I think his logic was to put a after everything word so it would sound French. But that is not how you spell telephone in English either.) He then put, un papel, for paper. I don’t know where that one came from. The surprising thing is, he got all the masculinity or femininity of the objects correct. That’s usually the hardest part. I have to admit, he has talent.
Since I was marking his test, he was marking mine. The teacher asked him to read one of the objects I put down, and he was like, “um, um, eh.....un puppy-tree?” It was un pupitre, a desk. How he tried to sound that one out, I don’t even know.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A normal day in the English class

Friday was pretty much a normal day in the English class. Sean declared his hate for Ashley, for the hundredth time (I don’t know what happened between these two). I asked him if he was serious since I never know if he’s being serious or not, and after staring at me for twenty seconds, he told me in a grave voice he’s always serious and that I was his best friend. Ok, then.

Sierra came up to me and told me I looked really pretty, and I, having known her for a year, knew what she wanted before she even walked up to me. So being the good, loving person that I am, I told her she looked really pretty too and that I loved her jeans. She said “haha” and walked away. Not many people can interpret what that means, but having known her for so long, I know that she knows I’m just saying it and I don’t mean it but at the same time she’s really happy and believes what I said deep down because she is a narcissist like Joey.

Adrian still doesn’t exist in my life.....

We are working on the yearbook project in class and I was tired of drawing the cover, so I asked Remington, who was in my group, if he was interested in doing it. He was very interested and he told me he was a pretty good artist, if he do say so he himself. (That’s how he talks, like some character in a classic novel) After hearing that, I gave him my have drawn Pegasus (a flying horse in Greek mythology) and told him to finish it. As soon as he draws one leg, I realized I should have that I can’t trust his own opinion of his artistic abilities. He draws each line way too dark, making it impossible to erase if something goes wrong. Joshua came by and told him it was terrible, and to do something else before he ruins my Pegasus. Remington was, needless to say, greatly offended, so I told him he was great and ripped off a piece of paper from my sketchbook and asked him to start his own picture. He drew the front cover, a picture of a goddess holding a falcon, and the back cover, Pegasus. I asked Kaya which picture was better (I had to use at least one picture from him so his feelings wouldn’t be hurt, again.) Kaya thought the goddess was suppose to be an ad for obesity and she had no idea what Pegasus was until I told her. She thought Pegasus was had a hand coming out of his head (it was his wings, jeez!) Joey was worse; he was looking at the flying horse with his best WTF expression, and was like, “which way should I be holding this?” I held it up the right way and told him it was a picture of Pegasus, but he was still like, “what? How is this anything like a horse?” I had to show him my drawing before he could see the head of the horse and the wings. I think I go with the picture of the goddess. An ad for obesity is better than the whole school asking which way they should be holding the yearbook. I don’t think anyone is going to vote for our cover.
When I was taking it home, I had to hold it in my hands because my backpack was overloaded. Each time I set it down to get something from my backpack, it would get blown away by the wind and Kaya and I would have to run after it. We make so much effort to protect Remington’s incomprehensible  drawings.

Kaya and I were bored while waiting for the bus so we made up a list of people we thought that would be cute together. First, Dena and Charlie, the Gaymo. With Charlie being the gay, and Dena, of course, being the emo. Then we have Sierra and Joey, the Crewimpy. Sierra would be the creep with her creepy, enthusiastic smile that never fades, and Joey is obviously the wimp. There are only two words to describe him; wimpy and lame. The only two adjectives that fits him. Chelsea and Joey would also be a good couple. Chelsea had been one of his fan girls since, forever. One day, she got to sit next to Joey during an assembly and she was blushing the entire time. For the rest of the day, she was overjoyed and floating up on a little cloud. Isn’t that the cutest thing? They would be the Bawimpy, since Chelsea talks like a baby and Joey is wimpy. Lastly, Sandra and Joey. I don’t even where we came up with that idea, but basically, Sandra is really obese and Joey is extremely tiny (like anyone can beat him up in thirty seconds tiny). They don’t even talk to each other as far as I know, but if they ever get together, they would make the perfect Fawimpy. With Joey being the wimp. (I never get tired of saying this.)

When I went home and asked my dad if he liked Remington’s goddess or Pegasus better, he held up Pegasus and turned the paper and asked me, “Which way should I be holding this?” I told him it was a flying horse, and he gave me the same WTF expression as Joey and asked me where the horse’s head is. His opinion doesn’t count since he told me my Pegasus looked like a flying moose. At least Joey liked my “pony”.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


The parachute incident
Simon is part of the parachute club. Every month, he would go to a parachuting practice with the people in his club. This weekend, they are dropping three thousand feet from their plane. Some tend to float away a little from where they are suppose to land, maybe a couple kilometers away from the agreed landing spot, so the captain told everyone to bring cell phones so everyone can contact each other after they land, and also some money to take a cab to their meeting place. Like always, Simon floated a couple miles from the agreed landing spot (he’s not the best parachuter), and he was unsure where to land after about ten minutes of floating because all around him was forestry. Finally he saw a farm house and he thought it would be a good place to land since of course, there would be open space at a farm. He started to descend. Simon doesn’t know how to control where he lands, and just his luck, he lands on a chicken. Simon’s parachute was half stuck on a tree but his body hit the ground and stepped on the chicken and seriously injured it. The farmer came out of the house thinking that Simon is a cat burglar and starts to call the police. After some explanations, Simon finally convince him that he meant no harm, but the farmer still refused to detach Simon’s parachute from the tree until he paid for the chicken.

Confession complain confusion
Maria had a huge crush on this guy in her class, and all she thought and talked about was him. Unfortunately for me, I was the one who had to listen to her. He was Maria’s whole life. Finally one day, I could not stand listening about him for one more minute, I persuaded Maria to write a letter to him. Or more specifically, a love letter confessing her love for him. It was a great idea because if he didn’t feel the same way, she wouldn’t have to go through the awkwardness of standing in front of him waiting for him to respond after she confessed her dying love. It was genius, of course. Maria gathered up her courage and composed a beautiful love letter (in fancy scented paper) ready to mail to her crush. She went to the mailbox after school, and it was really stupid, but the transit decided to put their city transit complain box right next to the mailbox. Guess which one Maria put her letter in? The city transit complain box.

Pee in a bag
I was walking down the street and this lady stopped me to introduce a product their company had recently started advertising. The product was called Pee in a Bag. I’m serious, that’s what it was called. When you are travelling long distance, and you can’t find a bathroom, that’s when you use the pee in a bag. You pee in the bag because there’s nowhere else to pee. The product is for people of all gender, and people of all ages. There’s even a solidification device in the bag to freeze your pee so you can put in your purse/backpack and throw it out later in case you can’t find a garbage can at that moment. (So you put your frozen pee in your purse/backpack with your bag of chips/homework?) I was confused because there were so many things wrong with this product. First of all, if you’re travelling, let’s say on a bus, where do you turn to use your pee in a bag? The lady told me that you could just turn around. Where the heck do you turn? There are people all around you. She said for me to turn towards the window. No one sits there. I was like, “what if you don’t sit by the window?” And she said, “Just ask the person who sits by the window if you could trade seats for a few minutes.” So you go up to a random stranger on the bus who sits by the window and say, “excuse me, would you mind trading seats for a few minutes? I need to pee in my bag.” Also, if someone happens to be walking down the isle on the bus, they would be like WTF?? Or worse, some innocent person walking by on the street and they happen to see in the window, on the bus, some retard is peeing in a bag. The lady told me that each bag costs fifteen dollars, and ask if I was interested to buy a box. (A bottle of water of water costs a dollar and fifty cents and I’m buying a fifteen dollar bag to pee after drinking? Seriously, the things people sell these days.)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My hypothesis was correct!

Hypothesis 1: Life is much better without Adrian!

And of course, I was right. He was absent from school on Thursday and Friday, and life was so much better. I didn’t have to listen to his stories about the FTP’s gang meetings at McDonald’s the day before in homeroom. I didn’t have to listen to him beg for my homework in math class (Pfft, like I ever do my homework. If I don’t finish in class, I copy from someone else.) I didn’t have to listen to him fart, or talk about farting. I didn’t have to be careful to avoid looking at him in case I be reminded of his nasty little habit. Life was so much better without Charlie in my life. From now on, he doesn’t exist in my life. (No, I don’t see him everyday. He’s not there.)

Hypothesis: Joey has no life.

I was talking to Joey during lunch about the science test, and he was eating apple slices while talking to me.
I was talking to Joey after school about the science test, and he was eating apple slices, again.
I asked him, “is what you do all day just eat apple slices?”
He replied, “No, I eat other things too.”
I said, “like Fruit to Go’s?”
He’s like, “Yeah.”
“So basically, all you do your whole life is eat apples and Fruit to Go’s?” I inquired.
Joey protested, “No, I do other things too!”
I asked, “like what?’
Joey, “I go to school.”

Summary of Joey’s life:
Joey wakes up in the morning and eats apples slices. He goes to school. It’s lunchtime at school; he eats apple slices and a Fruit to Go. He attends afternoon classes. School’s over; Joey takes out apple slices and begins to eat. He then goes home. Joey gets home and eat Fruit to Go’s. He go to sleep.
The next day.....repeat.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The awkwardness continues....

That akward moment when.....your teacher underlines and circles your sentences writes awks all over your essay. I was proud of that essay.
That awkward moment walk in someone’s room and find that they have a tampon stuck to the ceiling. That is really taking messiness to a new degree.
That awkward moment when...... I walk into the bathroom five seconds after I just walked out because I forgot to say hi to Dena when she came in and I was afraid she was going to get upset.
That awkward moment when......after I said hi to Dena in the bathroom she told me that she was so offended that the guys always compliment Diana, Sierra and Ashley and they never compliment her, and that they don’t pay attention to her, then she walked away all depressed.
That awkward moment when....someone got sent to the office for saying Jesus Christ in social class. No, just kidding, it’s not awkward, it’s hilarious.
That awkward moment when......I found out that Joey is taller than me when my favourite pastime centers around making fu of his height. Taller than me! Apparently he’s taller by like, 0.2cm, but I think everyone doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Pfft, he’s not taller, even if everyone says that. (I need some time to accept this reality.) Fine, if I can’t make fun of his height, I’ll make fun on him for being blonde, for being wimpy, for being made up of a block of ego....the list goes on and on.
Hmm, I feel better now.

Monday, November 14, 2011


That awkward moment when.... Dena’s aunt is driving me home, I give her my address, and Dena tells me in a very depressed voice that it’s the way to Tyler, her ex’s house.....then she says “Awks..” even though no one find it awkward.
That awkward moment go to the mall on Saturday night, and half the school happened to be there. And you feel obligated to hang out with these people, so you all hang out at the Apple store.
That awkward moment when find out that this guy in class have been telling everyone that you text him 24/7.
That awkward moment when.... your mom walks in on you singing along to a Justin Bieber song. (It was on the radio, I couldn’t resist.)
That awkward moment when ....I’ve been making fun of Joey’s height all my life, and one day I found out he’s just as tall as me.
That awkward moment when...... I lost my nail polish and I still have one more nail to paint. (Don’t worry Hannah, I didn’t lose yours.)
That awkward moment when..... I find out that Jace was bragging about not having a conversation with me in class.
That awkward moment when are doing stupid imitations of the Transit Peace Officer and he happens to be right behind you.
That awkward moment when ....I forgot to do my science homework and I have to beg Adrian to let me copy his.
That awkward moment when....Dena tells you that her boyfriend dumped her over text and she’s dead inside. Am I suppose to reply to that?
That awkward moment when ....Sierra shows you all her self photos and asks you if she can be a model.
That awkward moment are talking to the wall to show your anger and frustration towards your parents for not listening to you, and they totally ignore your effort and start a conversation amongst themselves.
That awkward moment when..... you are dissing your mom’s cooking, you eat it and it actually turns out to be pretty good, but you can’t take another bite after you just made a huge show of dissing it.
That awkward moment when.....Jose tells me my hair looks like a mushroom after Kaya swore to me that it doesn’t! Thanks a lot, Kaya!
That awkward moment tell Dena that she and Adrian would make a good couple and she says, “No! We would not!” She then blushes, and giggles, and say, “Besides, I couldn’t possibly date him after I dated his friend!”
That awkward moment have no idea what someone is talking about, and you nod and agree, and they look at you like you’re going insane.
That awkward moment when....the boy you sort of have a crush on tells you that you didn’t exist in his life.
That awkward moment’re posting all your awkward moments on the internet for everyone to see.
That awkward moment realize that half the things on the list aren’t even awkward.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On the verge of a breakdown

If I stay in my school any longer, I swear, I’m going to have a breakdown, like Dena. I’m going to stand in the middle of the hallway, just like Dena, and melt into the floor. Ok, that’s not what she did exactly, but close enough.
First of all, Adrian is all hateful and bitter and takes any chance to mention what a hateful person I am. I am not. But I guess he’s not going to get over the “I never liked you” thing, just like the gay things last year.
I sit next to Adrian in math, and it is utter hell. This is what his conversation with his best friend, Jack, sounds like.
Adrian: Jaaaaack!
Jack: Whaaaat?
Adrian: I really need to fart!
Jack: I know! Me too, but I’m holding it in.
Well, Adrian apparently makes no such effort. He was farting the whole entire math class today. The whole entire class. And he blames it on Jon (what has Jon ever done to him?). It was terrible. I can’t look at Adrian now without remembering his awkward habit, and now he has to fart for 45 minutes right next to me. Oh, my god. Any normal person would break down.
It annoys me so much when someone gives you something, then they steals it back. What the heck is the point of that? Jose gave me this pen, and then he stole it back. I was like, “do you just want to keep it?”
Jose said, “no, I gave it to you. It’s for our friendship.” So I kept it. Then he stole it back, again.
Jose and Adrian are not the only people contributing to my break down. I now vow to never sit on the gym floor because of Joey. This is what he does; he spits on the gym floor and wipes his shoes on it. Ew! Gross! To think, I was sitting on Joey’s spit for a whole year last year! Ew! Gross! I was putting my hands on the floor for push-up testing, and the whole floor is covered in his spit! Ugh! Now I have to go and take a shower, just thinking of that makes me feel icky.
Why would someone do that? Why? Don’t they have any consideration for all the other people who sits on the gym floor? That’s practically the entire school. I guess not, Joey sees no one else but himself.
I was going to memorize the spots he spit on today, and remember not to sit there (I thought it was a new habit). But then he told me, rather proudly, “I’ve been here for three years and I’ve been spitting on it for three years, so it’s pretty much the entire gym.”
Gross, gross, I’ve already got Adrian stuffing his hands down his pants and farting non-stop, now I’ve got Joey spitting everywhere. My school’s just awesome.

Monday, November 7, 2011

WTF Adrian?

Last week, Dena was getting ready to rip my head off. She was really pissed off that I didn’t care about her or her boyfriend. (Lol, why the hell would I care about her boyfriend?) She was also angry that I didn’t text her or hang out with her anymore, and she was making a big deal about ending our friendship, in front of the whole class.
Today, she did a complete 180 and acted like I was her best friend again. She even asked me to join her and her mom in Panorama for one week. Just when I made peace with her, I declared my hate for Adrian on the same day.
Why does this always happen? First Jose hates me, then we made up and Dena started hating me. Now Adrian. There always seem to be a new addition to the hate list.
Adrian and I were perfectly fine this year until now. I tried so hard to be nice to him, then I finally got fed up with him copying my homework, and I told him he couldn’t anymore. We then had sort of an argument; I can’t really remember what was said. He told me he didn’t like me anymore. And I told him I never liked him. He then said, “of course,” in this kind of sad voice. What the hell? I didn’t think he cared. He takes everything I say way too seriously. For example, last year, when I asked him if he was gay, I didn’t think he’d take it seriously. But then he brought up what I said 3 months later, all bitter. When we were in the dance unit, he refuses to dance with a guy because he thought it was gay even though the guys in our class greatly outnumbered the girls. He’d ask any girl to dance just so he wouldn’t have to dance with a guy. Any girl at all. Jeez, I didn’t think he’d take me that seriously.
So now I guess we’re officially back to hating each other.
I heard the funniest story about Adrian today. I can’t believe I didn’t hear it sooner; it should have been all over the school. I wasn’t sure when it happened, and I probably wasn’t at the school when it did, but anyways. Adrian has a habit of putting his hand in his pants (he still does). One day, some people were filming something in class for their project, and Adrian happened to be putting his hands in his pants. When he took his hand out, his thing came out too. And it was all caught on film. The principal happened to walked by right at that moment (I guess she didn’t see what Adrian was doing). She, the principal, asked how the group was doing on their project, and asked to see it, indicating the film.
Everyone was like, “um,’s really blurry.” Lucky for Adrian, she didn’t press anymore. She told everyone to keep working and walked away.
If Adrian keeps this p at school, something really awkward is going to happen. I’d take his singing over his little habit any day. One second thought, I will just avoid looking at him from now on.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The perfect couple

Here’s to the couple of the year. Ok, the future couple....if they ever get together, that is. Everyone, I present you.....Sierra and Joey!
They are perfect for each other, just perfect. Sierra would creep Joey out with her smiley-ness, which is great since Joey creeps me out with his smiley-ness. When they go on a date, all they’ll do is smile at each other the whole time since Joey can’t have a proper conversation with anyone and Sierra can’t exactly talk to herself. I can just imagine them at the food court in the mall, smiling across the table from each other.
Sierra will have to pay for everything because Joey is too cheap to buy anything, or else they’ll just sit there without eating the whole time. Awks.....
Joey is basically a block of ego. He’s made up of 2% athletic-ness, 3% hockey obsession, 4% shoe obsession, and the rest is all ego. Sierra is just made up of....Sierra.
At the end of school, when Sierra yells after Joey in her squeaky voice, “Bye Joey! I’ll text you!” He’ll just walk away without saying anything then do his wave. You know the wave all the hot shot guys do in TV shows, that’s what Joey does. It looks so...wrong! He’s way too lame for that wave. But Sierra will melt and sigh happily and smile even more.
As for Joey, no one occupies his mind other than himself. He will smile too and obsesses over how cute he looks. So much smiling from the both of them, it’s great.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On my way to being a loner

Turns out I’m worse at this emo loner thing tan I thought. No one wanted to sit with me in Social class today, so I went and sat in a desk in the back corner all by myself. I felt kind of uncomfortable sitting all by myself since even Pete, the loner who refuses to talk to anyone in our class, is sitting with someone. I asked Sean to sit with me, that was how desperate I am. He came over and this other emo, seriously overweight girl, Sandra, who he was sitting with pouted and whined and asked Sean to go back to sit with her. Sean, being the loving church person that he is, told her to come and sit with us. I think I was better sitting by myself. So we’re all sitting together, Sean, Sandra and I. Sean doesn’t understand anything anyone says (I think he needs ESL, even though he speaks no other language other than English), and Sandra talks way too much in this annoying high  pitched voice. The there’s me, trying to be a loner and talking to the wall, but I’m nowhere near the wall.
Sean and Will were talking about Ashley, about Sean liking her or something, and my curiosity got better of so I started talking to Sean. I couldn’t remember the content of our conversation, but at the end of it, I got nothing out of him.
I used to be so cool last year; I don’t know what happened this year. That’s sort of like Pete. He was one of the popular, annoying people last year, but this year, he’s ignoring everyone. He only talks to the French kids now. Joey thinks Pete is a loser when he told Joey that he might go trick-or-treat by himself on Halloween. I didn’t have the heart to tell Joey that everyone’s saying what a retard Joey is behind his back. Even his so-called friend Adrian. Oh well, Joey will always have his fan girls.
And I will have myself and the wall. Maybe even my fellow emo comrade Sandra, if I could get over her high pitched voice and unnecessary enthusiasm. She may be enthusiastic, but she’s all about talking about how depressed she is. On second thought, I’ll just stick with myself and the wall.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Breaking apart from the world

It’s not am easy thing to do, and I’m proud of myself for my courageous act. I am tired of talking to everyone, texting everyone, and hanging out with all these people who’s purely made up of ego and self-esteem, who, therefore talks about no one but themselves, I have no choice but to break apart from the rest of the world and become a hobo (maybe not that extreme), or a loner and float on a own little island all by myself. I guess everyone if floating on their own little island, their ego fill up all the space in their world so they don’t have room for anyone else on their island, therefore they need to break up become separate islands. Even though they are separate islands, they are an archipelago, but I’m far away from their chain islands, out in the middle of the ocean with nothing but water around me. I am Denis, a remote little island off the east coast of Africa who no one has heard of.
I really need Kaya to spread the word around school that I am too cheap to text anyone and I refuse to go to the movies with her because I can’t afford to. I am so sick of the obligation to text all those whiny girls who I don’t even considered my friends every night and go to the movies with them every weekend. I don’t want to hang out, but no one gets it. Of course not, we’re all from the English class; no one can take a hint. If Kaya spreads the word that I won’t hang out because I don’t want to waste money though, I think maybe people will back off and stop asking me to go to the movies with them. I’ll just be like Pete, a loner, taking my sandwich with me at lunch to sit with myself and the wall. That’ll be fun.
I’m probably not getting over this emo phase anytime soon. Everything everyone says is just so uninteresting, and they all expect me to act like I care. I can do it for one or two people, but doing it for everyone everyday is just too tiring. Will was telling me about how Sierra had completely changed this year and all she cares about was herself. I used to love this kind of gossip, but now I’m just bored. It wasn’t unexpected. I’m not sure how their friendship works, but if he can complain to me, some random stranger about it, he must be complaining to pretty much everyone.
Everyone keeps telling me I act like I’m too cool to talk to them. I was confused when I heard that since I didn’t even realize I was acting that way. I get a mixture of people telling me I’m nice, and the other half says I act like I’m too cool for them. I asked for an example but they couldn’t provide one, and just told me it was my attitude. Oh. What did they want me to say to that? If I’m acting that way without realizing, then it probably means I am too cool for them. I rather be cool all by myself than sit next to these uncool people who’s always complaining about how I’m too cool for them. I’ll just take my lunch and go to the wall.