Sunday, November 27, 2011

La classe de Francais

Kaya and I used to think the French teacher was cool, but he turned out to be just.....disappointing. Everyone’s disappointing these days. He did an unthinkable act; he gave Kaya and Joey the same mark on their report cards! How could he! Everyone knows that Joey is the person who was the worse in French that attended the French class. He is, he still is. He needs to borrow my English textbook so he can understand what the textbook is saying. The teachers force him to get extra help in French because he needs it greatly. Honestly, I don’t know why he’s in the French class. Kaya is way better at French than him, ok, even I’m better at French than him, and that’s saying a lot since I’m in English. I don’t know where the mark came from, but there has to be a mistake.
The second unthinkable thing he did: he gave Adrian a higher mark in French than me. Mon dieu! Is he for real? There is no way that Adrian is better at French than me. And he sure as hell doesn’t try harder than me! I cannot believe he likes Adrian more! Thanks to him, I had to see my dad’s stupid smirk when he saw that I only got a mark in the 80’s.
The only thing that makes French class better is Sean. He is so brainless, it makes my day. We had a quiz, and one of the questions was to list five objects in the class. I don’t know where he comes up with his vocabularies, but one thing is for sure, he can’t spell, not even in English. He put, un clocka, obviously, that’s suppose to a clock, and un telefona (see, he can’t spell in English either. I think his logic was to put a after everything word so it would sound French. But that is not how you spell telephone in English either.) He then put, un papel, for paper. I don’t know where that one came from. The surprising thing is, he got all the masculinity or femininity of the objects correct. That’s usually the hardest part. I have to admit, he has talent.
Since I was marking his test, he was marking mine. The teacher asked him to read one of the objects I put down, and he was like, “um, um, eh.....un puppy-tree?” It was un pupitre, a desk. How he tried to sound that one out, I don’t even know.

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