Monday, October 24, 2011

Shoes- The official Post/article

Ugh! I don’t know what happened, but I feel like such utter crap today I had to call my dad to come pick me up from school. When I got home, I cannot stop throwing up. Yeah, I know, gross. I can still taste the bile in my mouth. Ugh!
I was feeling kind of drowsy too, my head hurts so freaking much (maybe it’s the after affects of being in the English class, maybe I’m starting to keep migraines like Joe). My mom offered to take me to a clinic, but I said no, since its cold outside and I much rather waste time at home where it’s warm than waste time at the clinic or hospital (they make you wait three hours, literally, before they send a doctor to see you.) I told my mom I wanted to be a pirate for Halloween, and she gave me this weird look and some Advil and told me to go to sleep. I think she thinks I’m mental. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
The Advil helped a little. I still feel like throwing up though. I got tired of lying in bed so I decided to watch Modern Family and write in my blog.
My mom came in and asked me how I spend $85 in less than two months. I told her that was perfectly normal, and I told her about Adrian.
One day I was sitting in class and I saw Adrian ripping his shoes apart.
Me: What the hell are you doing?
Adrian: I’m ripping my shoes apart so my mom will buy me new ones.
Me: Huh. Why don’t you just buy new shoes yourself?
Adrian: Because I don’t have any money. I only get $15 a week.
Me (sincerely): Wow, that sucks!
Adrian: Yeah, I know. My parents will only get me new shoes if this pair is completely un-wearable.
My mom fell down laughing after I told her. She still is. I completely fail to see the humor in this. But afterwards I did the calculation. If he gets $15 a week that’s $60 a month. So me spending $85 in one and a half months is totally normal. And, I won’t rip my shoes apart like some other retard and ask her to buy me new ones.
Huh. At least I won the argument. Or she’s just laughing too hard to argue with me.


  1. i hope you feel better! btw i was sick on the weekend too, apparently it is going around our school! :(

    from a.m

  2. is it ok if i sent ur blog link to my cousin in chicago