Sunday, October 16, 2011

The retard class and the math club

Joe is leaving the class! Nooo, he was like the only rational person in the class; the only one who was remotely normal; the only person who I actually don’t mind talking to. He was cool, and that’s saying a lot, if you were in my class. Joe’s being homeschooled. He must really hate the class to go that far. I mean come on, he takes homeschooling over being in the English class. (I’m just kidding; I think he’s being homeschooled because of his migraines.)
Skye is leaving too because she’s moving. That’s pretty ordinary, people move all the time. It’s just that two people, two new kids, are leaving at the same time which makes you think that something is seriously wrong with the class, despite their reasons for leaving. Even Joey, the lamest kid ever, thinks the English class is retarded. So yes, something really is wrong with the English the class. I regret not being in the French program.

I joined the math club. Okay, it sounds even more retarded when I write it down. I really don’t know how it happened. I must be going insane for being in my class for too long. Me in a math club. It’s totally an oxymoron. But somehow my name is on the list, with all the other members.
I have a little confession; I am not good at math. At all. The only reason I get 90s in the subject is because in this school, it’s not a contest of how good you are, it’s a contest of how much you suck, and I guess I’m not winning that contest. I mean come on, I am in grade 9 and we are still learning how to add and subtract fractions. That should be learnt in grade 2. I’m not even exaggerating; they learn that in grade 2 in other countries. Everyone thinks I’m good at the subject for some unknown reason, and I don’t want to correct them, but I know my own strengths, and math is definitely not one of them. So why the heck I’m in math club.....don’t even ask. I think I’ll quit.

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