Sunday, October 9, 2011

Being a loner is what life is all about

I quote that from Jack. (No, he’s not emo, just the opposite, actually.) It makes no sense to me, but now that I think about it, I am kind of a loner in my class. I’m floating on my own little island. I mean, I still talk to everyone, usually just whoever’s beside me, but I can’t be classified to be in one of the “groups”.

The groups: Dena, Sierra, and Diana are like their own little group now, which I thought was weird because Dena was all emo last year, but now she’s hanging out with these two girly girls who is.....somewhat popular?
Ashley is in her own little world, all in love with her boyfriend. She used to be Bffs with Diana and Sierra but, I don’t know.
Ella is this new chick who everyone in the school seems to hate for some reason. I guess she’s annoying, sort of over enthusiastic and trying to be popular. But Sierra is also over enthusiastic, so I can’t figure how it works. She hangs out with two other people that are really starting to annoy me.
That’s it for all the girls in my class. And as for the all the guys, they are in their little gang called FTP. (No, it doesn’t mean For the People).

I doubt I’m invited to join. And I don’t think I want to either. They had a gang meeting at McDonald’s after school, and later, this guy from the gang was bragging to everyone about how they all went to McDonald’s. I don’t see how that’s worth bragging about.

Now you see why I’m not in any of the groups. I’m not completely alone yet, I still talk to everyone in my class. I just don’t go to gang meetings at McDonald’s. And I still know normal people in other schools. It’s all good.

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