Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Heart Failure

I almost had a heart attack this morning when I walked into class. After two days of being sick with stomach flu and a fever, a heart attack is just what I need. Here’s what Lauren and Dena said to me when I walked into math class: “I traded all of our stocks.”
I had a heart failure right at that moment. They did what!?
Me (completely calm): You traded it and bought new ones?
Them: No, we switched it.
Me (hyperventilating, but sounding totally chill): You can’t switch it. You can only trade it and buy new ones.
Them: Oh. What? But we wanted to buy Cosco’s! All of your stocks were like, going down by 6 dollars!
Me (calms a little; in a patient tone): That’s impossible. I checked yesterday, it went up by 6 dollars.
I regret working with them. Every single day. Here’s how I ended up working with these two.
Lauren asked me to be her partner every single day until I caved. I guess I could have said I wanted to work on my own, but I felt kind of bad rejecting her, and since she’s an over achiever, we could share the workload. I forgot about the part where she a dumbass over achiever. Everything she touches is ruined. And no, I’m not being harsh. This project is very important to me.
Dena just came up the second day and told us she was in our group. Lauren didn’t say anything, and as for me.....what are you suppose to say to that? Screw off? Trust me, I would love to. But I’m suppose to be nice, and we’re suppose to be friends.
If I refused her, she’s just going to have a breakdown and say something like, “you’re already in a group with Lauren so why can’t I be in your group when the maximum is three people? You just don’t want to work with me.” Then she’s going to go around and start another hate club against me. I’m being dead serious here.
Have you ever been in a situation where you just wish that the people in your group would do something? If they could just contribute. Everyone is taking all the credit for your work because no one is doing anything. I’ve wished that a million times.
This time, it’s the exact opposite. I wish they would stop contributing. They are going to screw up the whole project.
Most obvious thing, they can’t tell the difference between the plus and minus sign. I swear to god, they don’t know how to read numbers or signs; therefore, they think Cosco’s stocks are going up a lot when it going down. And they wanted to sell the stock I made most money on! I really, serious wish they would just stop helping and take the credit for my work.
Read the signs! If it’s a negative 2, then it’s going down by two dollars, not up! God, how can anyone not have a heart failure when they’re working with these two people?

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