Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quiet people again.....and just people in general

I think for Christmas, I should buy everyone in my class a mirror. They really need to take a good look at themselves before they leave for school. Not saying that everyone looks like a mess, but some people really, seriously need to look at what they’re wearing. Why do some girls wear these tight shirts? Do they like showing off their belly fat? And as for the people who keeps asking me repetitively if they’re pretty, if they’re skinny, and if they be a model, here’s a mirror. Merry Christmas, everybody.
On to quiet people.....I had a really great conversation with Cameron today. He was like, cleaning out his locker or something, and I asked him why he has three pairs of shoes, and he started explaining to me. I was like, oh, uh huh, ok, the whole entire time because I couldn’t hear a single thing he was saying. There was no one in the hallway where we were talking so it’s not the noisy environment drowning out his words. I think Cameron is taking being a quiet person to a whole new level. It’s basically like having a conversation with the wall again. No wait, that’s not a good simile since he’s actually responding to me this time. It’s more like having a conversation with a mime. You know, half the conversation is silent. You talk, then he talks except it’s silent, then you talk again except you have no idea what he just said, so I guess you eventually give up and walk away.

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