Monday, October 3, 2011

Ask me how my day was…

I’ve been asked this question tons of times today, thanks for asking everybody...I know no one really wants to hear it, but I’ll answer it anyways. Hmm, I guess the only thing that’s remotely interesting today was when Dena had a breakdown in first period. Come on, it’s first period. Give me a break; it’s too early in the morning. Just my luck when the teacher asked me to check on her since she’s been at the bathroom for about half an hour.

I found Dena, sitting with this other chick...crying? She was sort of crying. She told me she was really depressed and she doesn’t to talk to anybody. That’s when the drama went down. For the whole morning, she was surrounded by nosey girls (you know the type), and she was pouring her heart out to them. Ok, I might be a bit of a hypocrite to call them nosey since I am curious about what’s going on too. But not curious enough to skip out the entire morning to sit with Dena talk about how depressed she is. And big “wow”, the teacher doesn’t even notice that a bunch of girls were gone from the room. Or maybe she’s just too tired to care.
Later, I found out the reason she was depressed was because her “boyfriend” only wanted to date her for sex. (I put a quotation mark around boyfriend because that’s what Dena told me and nothing that comes out of her mouth can be trusted. From what I’d known, they just texted each other, but if she counts that as formal relationship, then ok.) I really doubt Dena’s story, but I don’t really care enough to dig out the truth. Although just this morning, I heard from a different source that Dena’s “boyfriend” is hitting on three different people, so think what you want to think about this situation. Or just don’t care at all like me.

Personal opinion: I don’t think Dena’s Bf wanted to have sex with her. I mean, I wouldn’t. And I wouldn’t have sex with D’s Bf if he was the last person on earth. First of all, he needs a serious attitude change. And second, I don't like his face. Yeah, I know, great reasaon, but you'd know what I mean if you see him. He doesn't have a great body either (that's an understatement.) Add that to the fact that he's obnoxious and think he's such a hot shot, I swear to god I can't think of any good reason why anyone would want to do it with him, but whoever's thinking about it might want to wait it out until he hits puberty, and finishes puberty.
Just my opinion.

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  1. She IS MENTAL !

    p.s. your blog made my life... I wish I had someone so funny like you around me!