Saturday, October 15, 2011


Some people disappoint you; some people annoy you, and some people just......creep you out.
I went back to my old school yesterday to visit, and I only saw some people because I was late. I was really disappointed; everybody’s just so lame. I should really listen to Hannah, and lower my expectations. By 100%. I don’t think I’m getting over the disappointment for a while.
It really surprised me how much everyone had changed, especially Jace. He was the one pissed me off the most when I was in the same class as him. We were sworn enemies, everyone knows that. He was always one of the douche bag-good kids (You know, the kind that acts like a jerk-ass but still a total good-ass.) Now, Jace is one of these loser people who are always stoned. He’s still out going I heard, but just not the same anymore. I never imagined he would be like this. It just shows how much people can change, how much things can change.
Speaking of change, the douche bag-good ass Adrian is now......nice. Well, to me anyways. That is just creepy. He never goes out of his way to annoy me, and doesn’t even get offended when I insult him! It’s like he.....respect me or something. It’s just too weird, him being nice to me. It’s like an alien abducted him or something. Or maybe he’d just grown up. Wow, I never thought that would happen.
While I’m still on the process of being disappointed, sorry about Max, Kaya. I don’t know why I thought he was cool. Anyone who looks like a shorter, brown haired version of Sean is destined to be lame. So I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised when he actually turns out to be lame. So disappointing. Everyone is just so lame.

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  1. That was the best blog post I have ever read. Maya showed this to me btw