Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cameron, Joey, and the “Kids Help Phone”

First of all, I think Cameron is too cool of a name for Cameron, so I named him Joey. It turns out he likes the name Joey better than his own name, which I totally did not expect.
What happened was, I’ve been calling him Joey for a few days, and one day I was like, “Joey!” I think he misheard me and thought I called him Joe because he was like, “don’t call me Joe. Call me Joey.”
Kaya explained the whole thing to me. There is a guy in my class who is actually cool, but Joey is not. Joey doesn’t want to be called Joe and be confused with the real Joe. Because then, everyone would be like, why are there two Joes? The real Joe who is really awesome, and the fake Joe is just lame....and short. I guess Joey just doesn’t want to be compared with Joe because he knows Joe is too cool for him.

Stupidest service ever: the “Kids Help Phone.” When I called the “Kids Help Phone,” they put me on hold for ten minutes. Ten freaking minutes! If I were on top of a building and was about to jump, I think I would have jumped a long time ago. I’d be long dead by the time they came to the phone.
Finally some counselor picked up the phone, and when I was telling them about my problems, they hung up on me. Freaking wow! What is the point of this service if they just hang up in the middle of your story? It’s just like talking to the wall, AGAIN! Or maybe like talking to Joey. I think I’m better off talking to Joey because he would have the guts to hang up on me while I’m talking.

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