Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The kid who is obsessed with the teacher

A little background information on the situation...My class is officially known as the retard class. What happened is that all the smart people are in the GATE class (Gifted and Talented....whatever, I don’t know), all the French people are in the French class, that leaves all the stupid people in the English class. Now the GATE program moved to a different school, so it leaves the normal people in the French class, and needless to say, the retards in the English class. Just to give you an idea how retarded the people in out class are.....

Example: We are given a short story to read in English class and after we read it, we are suppose to take notes on it. The short story is only 2 pages, but instead, Sean read the wrong story which is 4 pages, and did the notes on it. Epic fail. Now he has to re-do the whole assignment.
When we were exiting the class, the teacher asked Sean, “Did you read the right one this time?”
Sean: Huh?
The teacher repeated his question.
Sean: No....? What?
The teacher said SLOWLY: Did you read the right story Sean?
Sean: What? Really?

That is only one person. Now imagine 34 Seans combined together. But anyways, stupid stuff like this happens in my class all the time, like the kid who is obsessed with the teacher. This kid, I’m going to call her Lauren, has collected awards from every subjects since grade 6 (yes, our school gives awards for every freaking subject for every freaking term), and the only awards she doesn’t have is English. I was the new kid last year, and I took the English award last year, every single term. You can guess how pissed she was at that. Finally this year, I’m in the same English class as her. Thank god.
Lauren is obsessed. And I mean obsessed, literally. She is obsessed with the subject, the award, and the teacher. Appreciation and interest for a subject is good, but not obsession. She finishes her homework three weeks earlier than when it’s due. A little move from the teacher would put her in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Say like, she would be in a bad mood if she thinks the teacher didn’t smile at her. She’s always analyzing the teacher’s every move, like, “Oh! She said here Lauren when she handed out the worksheet to me.”
All she ever talks about is the English teacher. She’s always in for extra help, even if she has everything down pat. One day she is like, oh, the teacher hates me! I am devastated. And she wouldn’t talk to anyone for the rest of the day. The next day, she’s all like, OMG, the teachers likes me! This is exactly what she is like, no joke. It’s like Bieber fever, only except it’s not Justin Bieber, it’s the English teacher.

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  1. haha, omg I know someone like her too... They piss me off so much! and also don't you mean "thank god I'm NOT in the same class as her?"