Thursday, October 13, 2011

The hair gel theory

So I was wondering, if you gel your hair everyday, and it stays in the same position for too long, would it just stay in that position forever? There’s this kid in my class who gels his hair, and spikes it up to the ceiling. (I think it’s better than all the people who have Bieber hair and flip it every five seconds. What if their neck falls off from all the flipping?) Anyways, back to him. He really likes his hair and freaks out whenever anyone touches it the slightest bit. He has to fix/spike his hair with his hand whenever anyone or anything goes near it. I don’t see the point in that since no matter how much you mess it, it goes back to its original form. I think if he keeps it up, his hair is going to stay that way forever, even when he showers. Haha. He can have Edward Cullen’s magic hair---the hair that stays perfectly spiked even when it’s raining!

Lol, good thing the kid in my class doesn't look like a cue tip.

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