Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On my way to being a loner

Turns out I’m worse at this emo loner thing tan I thought. No one wanted to sit with me in Social class today, so I went and sat in a desk in the back corner all by myself. I felt kind of uncomfortable sitting all by myself since even Pete, the loner who refuses to talk to anyone in our class, is sitting with someone. I asked Sean to sit with me, that was how desperate I am. He came over and this other emo, seriously overweight girl, Sandra, who he was sitting with pouted and whined and asked Sean to go back to sit with her. Sean, being the loving church person that he is, told her to come and sit with us. I think I was better sitting by myself. So we’re all sitting together, Sean, Sandra and I. Sean doesn’t understand anything anyone says (I think he needs ESL, even though he speaks no other language other than English), and Sandra talks way too much in this annoying high  pitched voice. The there’s me, trying to be a loner and talking to the wall, but I’m nowhere near the wall.
Sean and Will were talking about Ashley, about Sean liking her or something, and my curiosity got better of so I started talking to Sean. I couldn’t remember the content of our conversation, but at the end of it, I got nothing out of him.
I used to be so cool last year; I don’t know what happened this year. That’s sort of like Pete. He was one of the popular, annoying people last year, but this year, he’s ignoring everyone. He only talks to the French kids now. Joey thinks Pete is a loser when he told Joey that he might go trick-or-treat by himself on Halloween. I didn’t have the heart to tell Joey that everyone’s saying what a retard Joey is behind his back. Even his so-called friend Adrian. Oh well, Joey will always have his fan girls.
And I will have myself and the wall. Maybe even my fellow emo comrade Sandra, if I could get over her high pitched voice and unnecessary enthusiasm. She may be enthusiastic, but she’s all about talking about how depressed she is. On second thought, I’ll just stick with myself and the wall.

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