Saturday, November 19, 2011

My hypothesis was correct!

Hypothesis 1: Life is much better without Adrian!

And of course, I was right. He was absent from school on Thursday and Friday, and life was so much better. I didn’t have to listen to his stories about the FTP’s gang meetings at McDonald’s the day before in homeroom. I didn’t have to listen to him beg for my homework in math class (Pfft, like I ever do my homework. If I don’t finish in class, I copy from someone else.) I didn’t have to listen to him fart, or talk about farting. I didn’t have to be careful to avoid looking at him in case I be reminded of his nasty little habit. Life was so much better without Charlie in my life. From now on, he doesn’t exist in my life. (No, I don’t see him everyday. He’s not there.)

Hypothesis: Joey has no life.

I was talking to Joey during lunch about the science test, and he was eating apple slices while talking to me.
I was talking to Joey after school about the science test, and he was eating apple slices, again.
I asked him, “is what you do all day just eat apple slices?”
He replied, “No, I eat other things too.”
I said, “like Fruit to Go’s?”
He’s like, “Yeah.”
“So basically, all you do your whole life is eat apples and Fruit to Go’s?” I inquired.
Joey protested, “No, I do other things too!”
I asked, “like what?’
Joey, “I go to school.”

Summary of Joey’s life:
Joey wakes up in the morning and eats apples slices. He goes to school. It’s lunchtime at school; he eats apple slices and a Fruit to Go. He attends afternoon classes. School’s over; Joey takes out apple slices and begins to eat. He then goes home. Joey gets home and eat Fruit to Go’s. He go to sleep.
The next day.....repeat.

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