Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Breaking apart from the world

It’s not am easy thing to do, and I’m proud of myself for my courageous act. I am tired of talking to everyone, texting everyone, and hanging out with all these people who’s purely made up of ego and self-esteem, who, therefore talks about no one but themselves, I have no choice but to break apart from the rest of the world and become a hobo (maybe not that extreme), or a loner and float on a own little island all by myself. I guess everyone if floating on their own little island, their ego fill up all the space in their world so they don’t have room for anyone else on their island, therefore they need to break up become separate islands. Even though they are separate islands, they are an archipelago, but I’m far away from their chain islands, out in the middle of the ocean with nothing but water around me. I am Denis, a remote little island off the east coast of Africa who no one has heard of.
I really need Kaya to spread the word around school that I am too cheap to text anyone and I refuse to go to the movies with her because I can’t afford to. I am so sick of the obligation to text all those whiny girls who I don’t even considered my friends every night and go to the movies with them every weekend. I don’t want to hang out, but no one gets it. Of course not, we’re all from the English class; no one can take a hint. If Kaya spreads the word that I won’t hang out because I don’t want to waste money though, I think maybe people will back off and stop asking me to go to the movies with them. I’ll just be like Pete, a loner, taking my sandwich with me at lunch to sit with myself and the wall. That’ll be fun.
I’m probably not getting over this emo phase anytime soon. Everything everyone says is just so uninteresting, and they all expect me to act like I care. I can do it for one or two people, but doing it for everyone everyday is just too tiring. Will was telling me about how Sierra had completely changed this year and all she cares about was herself. I used to love this kind of gossip, but now I’m just bored. It wasn’t unexpected. I’m not sure how their friendship works, but if he can complain to me, some random stranger about it, he must be complaining to pretty much everyone.
Everyone keeps telling me I act like I’m too cool to talk to them. I was confused when I heard that since I didn’t even realize I was acting that way. I get a mixture of people telling me I’m nice, and the other half says I act like I’m too cool for them. I asked for an example but they couldn’t provide one, and just told me it was my attitude. Oh. What did they want me to say to that? If I’m acting that way without realizing, then it probably means I am too cool for them. I rather be cool all by myself than sit next to these uncool people who’s always complaining about how I’m too cool for them. I’ll just take my lunch and go to the wall.

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