Thursday, November 17, 2011

The awkwardness continues....

That akward moment when.....your teacher underlines and circles your sentences writes awks all over your essay. I was proud of that essay.
That awkward moment walk in someone’s room and find that they have a tampon stuck to the ceiling. That is really taking messiness to a new degree.
That awkward moment when...... I walk into the bathroom five seconds after I just walked out because I forgot to say hi to Dena when she came in and I was afraid she was going to get upset.
That awkward moment when......after I said hi to Dena in the bathroom she told me that she was so offended that the guys always compliment Diana, Sierra and Ashley and they never compliment her, and that they don’t pay attention to her, then she walked away all depressed.
That awkward moment when....someone got sent to the office for saying Jesus Christ in social class. No, just kidding, it’s not awkward, it’s hilarious.
That awkward moment when......I found out that Joey is taller than me when my favourite pastime centers around making fu of his height. Taller than me! Apparently he’s taller by like, 0.2cm, but I think everyone doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Pfft, he’s not taller, even if everyone says that. (I need some time to accept this reality.) Fine, if I can’t make fun of his height, I’ll make fun on him for being blonde, for being wimpy, for being made up of a block of ego....the list goes on and on.
Hmm, I feel better now.

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