Friday, October 21, 2011

The kid who thinks he's so great

He's not. I am so fed up with being a nice person all day in school so I’m not even going to try to be nice on my blog. So for all the people who think they’re such a hot’re not. No one cares.
This freaking kid thinks he’s so pro at everything when he’s not. Not even close. He’s all like, “oh, I know I’m going to get a hundred percent on the math test.” See that? Overconfidence. Totally unnecessary.
Then three seconds later, he’s like, “wait, do we have to simplify the fractions?”
The teacher’s like: “Always.”
And he’s like, “Nooo! What? It doesn’t even say!”
It does, he just doesn’t read the questions.
Then he’s all like, “Oh well, I’ll probably get like 95%, no wait, like 96.4 or something.” I swear he just made that number up of the top of his head. Watch me laugh when he gets like an 80.
He just thinks he’s so superior. Adrian was still doing his math test after the bell rang, and Joey comes in and watches Adrian write his test.
Adrian’s all like, “how do you do this question? What!?”
He’s all like freaking out and Joey’s like, smiling down at Adrian’s test. He was smirking. I swear to god, at that moment, I could see exactly what he was thinking. It’s like I can read the thoughts from his head. Joey’s thinking, look at that retard, he doesn’t even know how to do that question. It’s so easy; I’m going to get 100% on the test.
And then there’s Adrian, sweating and still on his breakdown, furiously erasing the page.
Adrian: “No! No! No! Screw this, I’m going to get like a 70!”
Hannah and I figured this whole thing out. In Joey’s world, he thinks he’s this superior specie. Like a mix of Einstein, Harry Potter and Wayne Gretzky. He’s this advanced race, and we’re all chickens, unfit to talk to him. He’s this intelligent organism, even more superior than Edward Cullen. We’re just a bunch of chickens, so foolish, unqualified to be in his presence.
In reality, he is the chicken. We are all normal humans and he is this tiny chicken. No wait, he’s not even a chicken, he’s a fried chicken.


  1. This was the best one so far!

    ~ Jenny, United Arab Emirates

  2. A funny and interesting piece for sure!

    Nate from England