Sunday, October 23, 2011

List of things/people that pisses me off

Let’s say we dig a deep, black hole, and we push all these things/people in. These are the people I’d dig a hole for:

1.   The bus, the bus driver, the whole entire transit system (I swear, I spend half of my life waiting for the bus.)
2.   Random people who acts like they’re your best friend (You know these middle aged people who sits next to you on the bus and just starts randomly talking to you, and all I can do is say, “yeah” and smile. Jeez, I’m starting to sound like Joey now.)
3.   Clingy people (These people who asks you everyday if you want to go to the mall together, or if you want to go to their house. And they get mad if you say you can’t, and they’re all like, “you never hang out with me anymore!” even though you hang out with them just last week. They just have to spend every waking moment with you. They follow you around like they’re your shadow.)
4.   Jealous people (These people are the ones who gets mad when you talk to someone else other than themselves. You can’t have any other friends other than them, and you can’t be better at them on anything.)
5.   Narcissists (We all know one of these people. The ones who take a bunch of photos of themselves and show them to you. The people who thinks they’re the prettiest and most popular girls/guys in the class when they’re not even close. All they talk about is themselves when they’re with you. You can’t get a word in, unless it’s a compliment.)
6.   People who low-ride down to their ankles
7.   People who can’t finish a sentence without “like” or “oh my god” or both
8.   People who walks away in the middles of your conversation or people who starts singing in the middles of your conversation

Wow, I just looked over the list and I’m impressed. Adrian’s not on the list. Not even once. Last year, the list would have been:
1.    Adrian
2.    Adrian
3.    Adrian
4.    Adrian
5.    Adrian
I guess Adrian really have changed this year. Bon travail!

Add to the list in the comments below everyone!


  1. Annoying stuff =

    When i miss a layup

  2. people who low ride to their feets.

    = Hi! Im Ellena! I love your blog!!!
    Btw I live in Italy