Monday, November 7, 2011

WTF Adrian?

Last week, Dena was getting ready to rip my head off. She was really pissed off that I didn’t care about her or her boyfriend. (Lol, why the hell would I care about her boyfriend?) She was also angry that I didn’t text her or hang out with her anymore, and she was making a big deal about ending our friendship, in front of the whole class.
Today, she did a complete 180 and acted like I was her best friend again. She even asked me to join her and her mom in Panorama for one week. Just when I made peace with her, I declared my hate for Adrian on the same day.
Why does this always happen? First Jose hates me, then we made up and Dena started hating me. Now Adrian. There always seem to be a new addition to the hate list.
Adrian and I were perfectly fine this year until now. I tried so hard to be nice to him, then I finally got fed up with him copying my homework, and I told him he couldn’t anymore. We then had sort of an argument; I can’t really remember what was said. He told me he didn’t like me anymore. And I told him I never liked him. He then said, “of course,” in this kind of sad voice. What the hell? I didn’t think he cared. He takes everything I say way too seriously. For example, last year, when I asked him if he was gay, I didn’t think he’d take it seriously. But then he brought up what I said 3 months later, all bitter. When we were in the dance unit, he refuses to dance with a guy because he thought it was gay even though the guys in our class greatly outnumbered the girls. He’d ask any girl to dance just so he wouldn’t have to dance with a guy. Any girl at all. Jeez, I didn’t think he’d take me that seriously.
So now I guess we’re officially back to hating each other.
I heard the funniest story about Adrian today. I can’t believe I didn’t hear it sooner; it should have been all over the school. I wasn’t sure when it happened, and I probably wasn’t at the school when it did, but anyways. Adrian has a habit of putting his hand in his pants (he still does). One day, some people were filming something in class for their project, and Adrian happened to be putting his hands in his pants. When he took his hand out, his thing came out too. And it was all caught on film. The principal happened to walked by right at that moment (I guess she didn’t see what Adrian was doing). She, the principal, asked how the group was doing on their project, and asked to see it, indicating the film.
Everyone was like, “um,’s really blurry.” Lucky for Adrian, she didn’t press anymore. She told everyone to keep working and walked away.
If Adrian keeps this p at school, something really awkward is going to happen. I’d take his singing over his little habit any day. One second thought, I will just avoid looking at him from now on.