Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On the verge of a breakdown

If I stay in my school any longer, I swear, I’m going to have a breakdown, like Dena. I’m going to stand in the middle of the hallway, just like Dena, and melt into the floor. Ok, that’s not what she did exactly, but close enough.
First of all, Adrian is all hateful and bitter and takes any chance to mention what a hateful person I am. I am not. But I guess he’s not going to get over the “I never liked you” thing, just like the gay things last year.
I sit next to Adrian in math, and it is utter hell. This is what his conversation with his best friend, Jack, sounds like.
Adrian: Jaaaaack!
Jack: Whaaaat?
Adrian: I really need to fart!
Jack: I know! Me too, but I’m holding it in.
Well, Adrian apparently makes no such effort. He was farting the whole entire math class today. The whole entire class. And he blames it on Jon (what has Jon ever done to him?). It was terrible. I can’t look at Adrian now without remembering his awkward habit, and now he has to fart for 45 minutes right next to me. Oh, my god. Any normal person would break down.
It annoys me so much when someone gives you something, then they steals it back. What the heck is the point of that? Jose gave me this pen, and then he stole it back. I was like, “do you just want to keep it?”
Jose said, “no, I gave it to you. It’s for our friendship.” So I kept it. Then he stole it back, again.
Jose and Adrian are not the only people contributing to my break down. I now vow to never sit on the gym floor because of Joey. This is what he does; he spits on the gym floor and wipes his shoes on it. Ew! Gross! To think, I was sitting on Joey’s spit for a whole year last year! Ew! Gross! I was putting my hands on the floor for push-up testing, and the whole floor is covered in his spit! Ugh! Now I have to go and take a shower, just thinking of that makes me feel icky.
Why would someone do that? Why? Don’t they have any consideration for all the other people who sits on the gym floor? That’s practically the entire school. I guess not, Joey sees no one else but himself.
I was going to memorize the spots he spit on today, and remember not to sit there (I thought it was a new habit). But then he told me, rather proudly, “I’ve been here for three years and I’ve been spitting on it for three years, so it’s pretty much the entire gym.”
Gross, gross, I’ve already got Adrian stuffing his hands down his pants and farting non-stop, now I’ve got Joey spitting everywhere. My school’s just awesome.

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