Thursday, December 22, 2011

Team Spirit!

No. We don’t have any. It’s not a secret how much the Senior Girls team suck. Here are some of the comments from the team member’s parents.
Elise’s dad: I will chop my head off if you guys win one game.
My dad: Your team sucks! (Before we even played a single game.)
Me: What? Why?
Dad: Because people like you are on it.
Me: .........

The boy’s team was dissing us like our parents, but it’s funny how things turned out. They lost 30 points on their first game. 30 freaking points! Yes, we had a good laugh over that one.
We lost too, obviously, but slightly more graceful than them.

Pete had the nerve to diss our team after they got creamed, and I tried, unsuccessfully, to defend us. It went somewhat like this.
Me: What are you talking about? The boy’s team sucks so much! Did you not see how much you’ve lost?
Pete: Like you guys didn’t lost by 30 freaking points!
Me: 28, actually. So we did better than you guys. One of the people on your team keeps dribbling on his foot!
Pete: Yeah well, at least we know where the basket is!
Me: ........Excuse me?
Pete: Yeah, I saw your team play. People were like, shooting for the wall.
And he was impolite enough to go on naming names. I have to admit, what he said was not untrue, but it was terribly offensive.
Not a single person is supportive of the team! Not the parents, not Joey (who pretty much just said the same thing as my dad), no one on the boy’s team, and not even the coaches.
Coach: Are you excited for the game?
Me: Yeah! Do you think we’re going to win?
Coach: ummmmmmm......
Me: Don’t you have faith in us?
Coach: ummmmmmm........

Maybe one day, we’ll play against a team of midgets and we’ll win by two points. Hey, I don’t wish for the impossible, two points is more than good enough.

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  1. We will play a team that is so fast they run up the court dribbling and take jump shots from close to the three point line; I think we're playing them first!