Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Getting sent to the office....for complimenting people

The most absurd thing happened today. Wait, I take that back. Absurdity is not uncommon in the English class. In fact, it’s so frequent it’s almost daily. But whatever happened before, this has got to be one of the stupidest and most unjust.
It all started with Dena. A couple weeks ago, she was complaining non stop to me about how the guys in our class never pay any attention to her, they always compliment Sierra, Diana and Ashley instead. She then went up and told all the guys, and bad timing, I happened to be standing right beside her when she whined to the boys about being ignored. From that day on, the guys complimented everyone, and I mean everyone, especially Dena and I daily.
I was walking down the hallway today with some other girls, and Jose commented on how nice we looked, courtesy of Dena. The social teacher walked right up to us after Jose was out of earshot and demanded to know what he said to us. At the time, I wasn’t really paying attention on what Jose was saying so I had no idea until someone told me later. We all told him we weren’t listening, and we didn’t hear it. I don’t know why everyone lied.
Later that afternoon, I got called down to the office. In the office along with me, were all the other girls Jose had complimented. Except for Clarissa, she was not there because she had been complimented. She was there because of something Sean said (I was surprised he had the brains to think up of such an insult. I’ve got to say, I’m impressed.)
The vice principal told us that a teacher reported that Jose had been telling us how nice we looked when we were walking down the hallway, and she hopes we know that he’s being sarcastic. (I think it’s more out of pity than sarcasm, because of Dena’s whining. Jose sounded so sincere, but then again, he always sounds sincere. Last year, when we were playing tennis baseball, and I sucked at pitching--sucked would be understatement---I couldn’t pitch a tennis ball straight to save my life. He told me I was the best tennis baseball pitcher he’d ever seen, and he sounded so sincere. I asked him if he was being sarcastic, and he told me he’s never sarcastic. But then again, we were best friends last year. Things changed.) The vice principal then started this speech about how this is harassment and as a female, she will not tolerate this. She then called in Jose to apologize to all of us (My god, every single one of us was trying so hard not to burst out laughing during his apology). She was all like, “this is harassment! Harassment I say! If this ever happens, you are going to be suspended, understand?”
Jose: I understand.
VP: You are hanging on a thin thread. Apologize to the girls for your inexcusable behavior!
Jose: I’m really sorry.
VP: I called your parents, and they are very embarrassed of you. You should be embarrassed of yourself!
Jose: I am. I am embarrassed of myself.
Embarrassed for what? For complimenting us? That’s harsh. And it all goes back to the stupid social teacher to rant out on Jose. I don’t even know what their problem is! Jose has nothing to apologize for.
The social teacher sends people to the office fro saying Jesus Christ, and now he’s sending them for complimenting people. I’m just going to stay absolutely silent in front of him from now on. God forbid my parents get a phone call telling them their child is suspended because she said good morning to someone.

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