Friday, December 9, 2011

The English class stereotype

I hardly think it’s fair when someone stands up in front of the class everyday and talks about justice and equality when they are the most discriminating person themselves. What does that make them? A hypocrite.
This complimenting thing has gotten bigger and bigger. Today, the vice principal came into our class and gave a huge speech about how she is absolutely fed up with the boys in the English class making inappropriate comments (compliments) to girls. “This is sexual harassment, and it is a criminal offense,” quoting the vice principal.
She told us she was disgusted with us even though no one had done anything wrong. Now, that is discrimination. She is singling this class out because it’s the English class.
The social teacher was the initial person who filed the complaint, and he is the one to talk about justice everyday. Ironic, isn’t it?
How can the teachers, even the principal tell us that they’ve been trying to stop the stereotype that the English class is the dumb class when they are the ones feeding the stereotype themselves? If they don’t treat us like dumbasses and slackers, maybe the other students wouldn’t have kept on with the stereotype. Talk about hypocritical.
The boys in the class half put up with being sent to the office and all this madness for a week now, but today, when we got this speech, and someone actually got suspended, they have had enough. They decided to start a petition against discrimination and sexism.
They are starting a riot in the office, saying that if you suspend one of them from school, you suspend all of them.
I’d like to see the stupid VP try and suspend everyone.

Ending on a happier note, good luck on your piano concert tomorrow Elise!

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